Take A Look At The New Avengers In Leaked Art for “Avengers 4”!

A piece of promo art for Avengers 4 has found it’s way online and it shows the all New Avengers! Or basically who is left after the events of Infinity War.

There are some very interesting additions to the team that we didn’t see appear in Infinity War. First is Captain Marvel. She looks great! And she is wearing her traditional red, blue and gold costume! We also see the return of a character that many fans missed seeing in Infinity War, Hawkeye! And to Hawkeye’s right is Ant-Man. Where is Wasp? (Dum-da-da-dum!)

For the returning Avengers, it seems that most have had upgrades, some modest, some more noticeable.

Captain America has seemed to have found a razor and shaved off his beard. He also seems to be wearing a slightly more bluer costume and his star is back. No shield either. Hope he doesn’t have his Infinity War shield and he somehow gets his classic shield back!

Black Widow is a red head again and back to her basic black costume with a sleeker design and no vest.

Hulk seems to have finally come out of Banner and finally has found clothes that fit him. We cant see the whole costume but wonder if he has boots that fit him too.

War Machine’s armor seems to be bigger and there seems to be a different design around the chest area. Hard to tell.

Iron Man seems to be still donning his Bleeding Edge Armor from Infinity War. No change at all.

Thor is another one who seems to have no real change in his costume.

No change for Nebula.

Rocket….no change for you.

After seeing them together for the first time, I think The New Avengers look great! I cant wait to see them all in action as they take turns whooping Thanos’ butt next year when Avengers 4 opens!

“Avengers 4” comes out May 3, 2019!

Source: ComicBookMovie.com

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2 years ago

this is not official and is pure fan art.

Black Widow will still be blonde in the next movie

Joe Hogarty
Joe Hogarty
2 years ago
Reply to  matt

I heard the same thing about the Solo concept art that leaked last year. Both Disney and Lucasfilm said it wasn’t real. Ended up being real and was on most of the merchandise being sold. We’ll have to wait and see.