VIDEO: The Main Street Omnibus Now Making Nightly Trips Through The Magic Kingdom

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With the busy summer months upon us, The Magic Kingdom will be offering an added attraction in the evenings: a trip up and down Main Street U.S.A. on the Omnibus!

Starting after crowds have dissipated from the park’s nighttime spectaculars, guests will find a friendly cast member making the rounds in the Main Street Omnibus. The bus is currently operating from once the street is clear enough to allow it to run until 30 minutes before park close. Depending on crowds, guests can stay on for a round trip journey as well, or just ride the vehicle down to Town Square on their way out.

Check out our full round trip nighttime Omnibus ride below:

This is likely only being down for the remainder of the season, so don’t pass up the chance to ride past the bright lights of Main Street to and from Cinderella Castle!

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  • It is nice to see the Main Street Omni Bus make a return, and the sights of Main Street and the surrounding areas are beautiful…. However, WHAT A DISGRACE the presentation is! I worked Main Street Operation 30 years ago, and I drove the Main Street Omni Bus numerous times, and EVERY TRIP HAD A REQUIRED ANNOUNCEMENT SPIEL. It was NOT a silent ride with the only announcements being made about waiting until the all clear before getting off the Bus… Nor was it about the Bus rides operating from opening until 10:30 am and again at night and again tomorrow…. IT WAS A TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT SPIEL and it was ENTERTAINING telling a bit about the different shops and events… Omni Bus drivers were REQUIRED to speak on the announcement microphone, giving a PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION, from one end of the Street to the other, while driving and watching all things around him. The Horn was NOT something constantly used, and was only used as last resource after the bell was rung with not response from Guests. I drove the Main Street Omni Bus in the HEAVIEST of CROWDS on Main Street, even on Major Holidays, and NEVER was it necessary to hit that horn a fraction of the times as I heard in the video. This would simply NOT be the way things were done on MY Main Street. I almost felt as if I were seeing something from Six Flags, or Bush Gardens; UNPROFESSIONAL, and simply NOT the Disney I know. We held ourselves to the HIGHEST of STANDARDS, and now it seems nothing matters, and anything goes. The Earth would SHAKE if I were back and in charge of things.

    • 2018 Disney tells cast members that crowd control is to scream at the guests before during and after the fireworks “keep to the right”, or “keep moving” in the rudest possible voice while violently waving a green flashlight. So yes, this stopped being “our” Disney many years ago!

      • Yes, I have witnessed that horror, and I expressed my strong opinions on that issue to hierarchy… It has subsided drastically as compared to several years ago, however, the manner in which things are handled, can not be the way we remember simply because the feeling of what once was is not the same today as it was then. It is a problem which roots deep to the core and effects so much.

  • randyland it is a sign of the times !!! this is the me, myself, and I generation and as a result things can be dumbed down @ times . SADLY

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