VIDEO: What Would Disneyland Park Look Like Completely Abandoned?

I recorded the following footage of an abandoned Disneyland over the course of two nights in early January 2018, right before/after the park closed. Viewers’ initial reactions to the footage were that it must have been taken during an after-hours event, but no, the tranquil dreamscape you see before you is often accessible to anyone willing to stay after the nighttime entertainment ends. One particularly effective technique for getting the park all to yourself is to get in a long line for a ride at 11:59 P.M. (or whenever one minute before closing may be). The late night walk to the exit that follows will likely give you as much solitude as is possible in the park.

Might be a different story now that I’ve pointed this out to all of you, though.

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  1. I always enjoyed walking through Toon Town at MK after the park closed and all the guests had left. Sometimes I could walk all the way through the backstage entrance next to Buzz Lightyear without seeing another CM

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