This Spaceship Earth LEGO Idea is Every Epcot Fan’s Dream Come True

Disney and LEGO have long been great business partners. LEGO has done a great job creating numerous movie related sets for Disney including Star Wars, ‘Moana’, ‘Frozen’, and countless more. Back in 2016 the pair took their first stab at creating a Disney Parks related piece: The LEGO Cinderella Castle. It’s a huge piece that works well as both a shelf decoration (read: dust collector) and play set. Now one Disney fan wants to send you back to the dawn of recorded time with a custom LEGO Spaceship Earth set.

The idea is currently posted to the LEGO Ideas website. This website allows users to develop, create, and share their ideas for potential future LEGO sets, so long as they can get ten thousand people to support the idea. We’ve seen really cool LEGO sets come from this Ideas website before, including the amazing TRON Legacy Lightcycles. Who wouldn’t want to support this, though? The entire interior rotates so you can view every scene. Yeah, every scene: This designer took the time to carefully construct each and every major part of the attraction, in LEGO form of course. Take a look at the pictures below from the LEGO Ideas website.

*Rome burning smell not included

Registering an account to show your support for this idea doesn’t take too long. We had to make sure our voice was heard and we would love for this set to be created. Click here to check out the official LEGO Ideas webpage.