BREAKING: Closing Date Revealed for A Bugs Land at Disney California Adventure

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A few months ago Disneyland Resort announced that it would be closing a Bugs Land at Disney California Adventure to make way for a Super Hero themed land for the park in 2020. Not much else was announced at the time, but thanks to the Disney Parks Blog, they have revealed that the last day to experience a Bugs Land is on September 4th 2018!

A Bugs Land was Disney California Adventures first themed expansion back in 2002, when the park needed more to attract younger visitors to the park. This land is home to 4 simple “fair” style attractions, including a fan favorite Heimlich Chew Chew Train.

One attraction from a Bugs Land will see new life in the form of a retooling of the attraction, from Flicks Flyers to Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind(to debut in 2019 in Pixar Pier)

Are you sad to see a Bugs Land close at Disney California Adventure? And are you excited for the brand new Super Hero themed land coming? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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  • Sadly, I never got the chance to experience Flik’s Fun Fair, but rest assured I’m looking forward to seeing incredible superheroes swinging into action in California.

  • Sad to see it go. Feel sorry for the little kids who have so much enjoyment while there. They are losing to Disney’s decision.

    • I just told my granddaughter about the closure. She said that was plain mean. She was hoping to take her daughter there to relive her memories and make new ones with Alice.

  • I know Disney paid Billion$ for Marvel and Star Wars, but the theme parks at least, are not the ppace for them. Keep DCA simple and a place kids can go.

  • Not sorry to see a waste of space close and not looking forward to another taking it’s place.

  • Pack em up and ship em out to DHS or Animal Kingdom who still only have about two kid rides per park. It takes over 20 years to close anything at WDW and usually its just a retheme you guys are lucky

  • Since they’re all about IP and synergy “The Land” in Epcot could use a refresh. Bugs would fit well there, if they so choose.

    Heard they have plans for Francis’s somewhere not at DLR. But that was hearsay, I’m no insider, lol. (could be for Paris?)

    It’d be an easy way to say “this is NEW” when it’s really not.

    But they wouldn’t have the Flyer’s, unless they theme the boat ride to Flick. Just thinking like an executive who needs to tie in IP (I love Living with the Land so I hope anything is just a minor update and the farming section stays intact, I can see the show scenes being redone). And they could move the bug’s movie to Harvest Theater, opening up the Tree of Life for something new …

  • I am super sad to see Bugs Life leaving- was one of my daughte’s’ favorite movies when she was a toddler- watched it over and over again- Loved the Heimlich ride and Flik’s flyers and I remember her dancing on stage with Flik when she was about 3. Such a sweet section of the park and even though my girls are teens now we will very much miss it😢😢
    Not thrilled about more super hero stuff coming🙄sigh

  • Our great granddaughter will be 3 next yr but I can’t wait. When doing research for a spur of the moment trip was so sad to see Bugs Land closed in Sept. We haven’t visited that land since our grandchildren were young, but remembered how much fun they had. So sad she will not experience Heimlich. I have memories of her mother dancing on stage. Disney is becoming “just another amusement park.”

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