PHOTO: Leaked Picture Reveals Interior of Epcot’s Club 33 Location

PHOTOS: Work Commences on Possible Club 33 Location at Epcot
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Despite rules dictating no photography, someone snapped a picture at the Constellation Club at Epcot, a Club 33 location at Walt Disney World.

This marks the first interior picture of a Club 33 location at Walt Disney World to be published anywhere.

The Constellation Club is located inside the former corporate lounge at The American Adventure on the upper floor.

Club 33 at Walt Disney World also has a location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and another opening at the Magic Kingdom later this year.

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  • Just because someone can’t respect and follow rules doesn’t mean it should be posted on social media. You should not have posted this Mr. Corless. Show some respect for Disney and the Club. Disappointing coming from WDWNT.

  • I am disappointed in whomever leaked this photo. If it wasn’t a member but a guest of a member, there are some serious repercussions in that members future. Sharing something “most people won’t see” is great, but the rules are clearly stated over and over.

    That said, the photo you posted doesn’t even begin to do the club justice. It is above and beyond anything you could imagine.

    • Having seen it in person, it’s pretty nice but it’s not “above-and-beyond” everything I’ve seen in a park. If I had paid that much money to join I might defend it as such I suppose, but both locations feel rushed and lack any charm that the Disneyland version had or has (in my opinion).

      • Tom-

        I’m surprise you would say thay after having visited both locations. Perhaps my experience was unique, due to the member I was visiting with. I’ve been to both locations in California as well, and the experience in WDW was beyond my experiences in the Disneyland club/lounge.

        I am grateful for great friends who indulge my Disney-obsessed self and make magical moments happen. :)

    • I won’t comment on the leak of the photo, since that water is already under the bridge, but I must say that if this is the decor of the club, I’m happy to not be a member. Hate to judge based on one photo, but it looks more like a corporate board room/dining room than an elegant Disney-themed club. I mean, a white ceiling? Really, that’s the best they can do for all that money coming into the club? I would expect wood panel walls and ceilings, elegant furnishings and fixtures. Maybe I’m being too harsh and perhaps there’s more to it that what’s in this photo, but this room looks like its decor came from a catalog.

  • I’m just curious what your thought process was in posting this picture in a public forum when it is evident you are aware of the Club 33 policies against posting pictures on the internet/social media? You know it has the chance to get someone in trouble but you did it anyway? Can you convey to your readers why you decided to post this picture?

    • I posted it because people want to see the inside and the social media policy against pictures from inside of a club is idiotic. The picture was posted by a Disney VIP who is not a member because his guide forgot to tell him you can’t post from inside.

      • So you disagree with a policy, therefore, it must be idiotic? I fail to see the correlation between disagreement and idiocy. Just because people want to see the inside doesn’t mean they should. If we all got what we wanted all the time, the world would be a very sad place. I feel sorry for you if that is your rationale.

        • I’m assuming you are an annoyed Club 33 member who feels like you’ve lost some percieved value here. As we are not members, we have not agreed to any rules, so we have no problem posting the photo. Floyd Norman isn’t getting in trouble for posting a photo inside of Club 33. There is no ethical decision to be made here. Sorry we hurt your feelings. Enjoy the club!

          • I think it’s humorous that you deleted my reply. It goes to show your true ethical mindset. Thanks for confirming my suspicions!

      • Guys, please! This is an exclusive club in a Theme Park! No state secrets are being sold to foreign spies. I enjoy seeing what I will never see in person. There are no people in the pic so no identities are exposed. The pic only adds to the Disney Mystique. Thanks for posting, Tom.

  • I am a member. this photo is the most insignificant corner. it looks nothing like the club whatsoever. The clubs are beyond your imagination.

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