BREAKING: Expedition Everest Refurbishment Imminent to Fix the Broken Yeti at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

For over 10 years now, the Yeti animatronic in Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been immobile. The figure broke roughly around 2008 and Disney has been unable to fix the highly advanced audio-animatronic without doing any major structural work to the man-made Asian mountain. With Everest as the park’s headliner attraction for most of the last decade, Disney felt uncomfortable closing the ride down for 6 or more months to fix the problem and return the Yeti’s range of motion. With Pandora: The World of AVATAR now open, it seems Walt Disney Imagineering is getting ready to scale Everest and bring back one of the most impressive ride scenes ever created.

No exact timeframe has been given for the project, but publicly Joe Rohde has again stated that the problem will be fixed:

Internal sources have also told us that they are personally working on “the Everest project”, so the lengthy refurbishment and all of the changes it will bring are clearly in development and the closure is imminent. What other “plusses” to the ride that may occur are unknown, but the broken Yeti will certainly be the focus of the multi-month project when it begins.

We will of course keep you up to date on this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. Hopefully on board audio is a plus for the ride. It really makes the experience much more cinematic.

  2. How is this breaking news? Whats your sources? What facts do you bring that haven’t already been stated?

    This site has good information, but then they go adding clickbait articles and speculation on rumors.

    1. Again, the article states there are sources beyond Rohde telling us they are working on the project right now. Clickbait would be “YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT ANIMAL KINGDOM RIDE IS GETTING AN OVERHAUL!”.

      1. I think “working on the project right now” is very different from refurbishment “imminent.” Especially when you state below that you don’t know when it will actually be.

      2. Like the reliable sources for Tomorrowland speedway demolition? Good sources!

    2. Robert, calm the hell down man!! It’s a website dedicated to providing information about WDW and they do a really good job at just that. Have some chill!!! YIKES!

      1. How about end of August? Do you have a sense for whether they would take it down at a point that’s within the 60-day fastpass window?

  3. Seriously? A Rohde tweet basically saying the same thing he’s been saying for years is worthy of a “BREAKING” headline?

  4. This sounds fantastic! I’ve done my research on this ride and I’ve always wondered when they might try to fix it….

    1. Thank you! Here’s to hoping they clean up all the hair band trash! Rode this in 2007 and trees the moving yeti was very impressive, albeit short glimpse.

  5. Oh man, we are going in early October, my son has been watching “Broken Track” (Expedition Everest) on YouTube for the past 5 years. We planned a trip the second he was tall enough to ride and now it might be closed!!!

  6. I’ll believe when I see it I guess. And as long as it’s not closed next June when I’m there. Which I’d doubt they’d be doing that at the start of the summer like that.

  7. My bet is they will fix it in time for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World

  8. It’s funny how so often commenters on this site get upset and doubt what you say will happen. And then when it happens (which is 95% of the time), you don’t hear from them. Or they start crying about something else.

    Go back to your cave trolls.

    1. Please provide all relevant data that you collected in order to calculate your stated 95% accuracy rate, I’ll wait.

  9. Wow what a week it’s been already, 1st you brought back WDW News Tonight and now WDWNT: The Semantics Argument is back. There are not necessarily time constraints on the word imminent, it just means it could happen at any time. I guess some people would only be happy if the headline was “EXPEDITION EVEREST IS GOING TO CLOSE AT SOME POINT, BUT TOM DOESN’T KNOW WHEN BECAUSE HE IS A STUPID HEAD THAT IS STUPID.”

    1. It’s true, people shouldn’t care if the news they read is truthful or not. Great point!

  10. If it hasn’t worked in 10 years who cares. Let it be. I would rather be able to ride it than have it closed for 6 months just to have some yeti move

    1. Not me: I want to see it in all it’s glory! You have to consider the fact that this ride could still be standing 50 years from now. I still remember riding Pirates for the first time (in FL) almost 50 years ago; same with Haunted Mansion. They are just slightly different than their counterparts in CA.

  11. Is the fix a disco ball? Ever other fix has been fans or new lights. My guess is that we get a projection or a copy of the Matterhorn AA from Disneyland

  12. This is good news, but also disappointing. We are heading down from Sept. 28th to October 6th, our first trip in almost 3 years. This is one of our favorite attractions, and it sounds like it will probably be under refurbishment while we are there :(

  13. While this is exciting it also makes me a bit sad. We are going down September 28th for a Week( first trip in almost 3 years) and this is one of our favorite attractions. Sounds like there may be a big chance its down for refurbishment while we are there.

  14. Do we have a projected date on this!? It still isn’t good news. With EE closed for repairs, the lines at both Pandora rides will be longer than ever!

  15. Good news if true. The Yeti being broken was an embarrassment to a great ride in a mediocre ark. While they are at it, theming all the visible parts of the mountain would be great. And as long as we are on the topic, They need to theme the outside of the Guardians of the Galaxy building at EPCOT.

      1. Almost 3 months on, it’s now the beginning of October. Disney’s refurb list still doesn’t say anything about Expedition Everest. Any more news about this imminent refurb?

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