Fastpass Available To Purchase During New Test In Disneyland Paris

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A new fastpass test will begin at Disneyland Paris on July 24. ED92 is reporting that a new product called Disney Access One will allow guests to purchase a one time Fastpass for one attraction for €15 ($17.50). The regular paper Fastpass system will remain free and Access One will not affect the availability of Fastpasses. This service will be available for all Fastpass attractions and sold in the closest store to the attraction. A surprise souvenir is also included with the purchase. The test will run until September 30. Annual passholder discounts are available which can reduce the price by 10% or 20% depending on the annual pass level. Below is a list of the attractions that Access One can be used on:

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain
  • Star Tours: L’Aventure Continue
  • Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Ratatouille: l’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy
  • Rock’n’Roller Coaster avec Aeromsith
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terrordisneyland paris access one fastpass

This is an attempt to improve the current Fastpass system in Disneyland Paris. While we know from the Insidears event in May that MagicBands will not be coming to the French resort, magic pass cards have been tested at select hotels. Meet ‘n’ greets in Walt Disney Studios Park have utilised the Lineberty app which essentially is a Fastpass operated by a third party app. We hope this will result in a digital Fastpass system in Disneyland Paris. Would you be pay to experience your favourite ride once?

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  • Chip by chip, the Disney experience everyone loved and as world renowned, is being destroyed in the name of increased profits for a company already making billions of dollars.

    Fast Pass was the beginning of the end to the experience, and an evil system used to manipulate the experience to give advantages to those of “special privilege”…

    And those “advantages” come only at the cost of everyone else.

    There is only so much pie on the table, and when you give bigger pieces to some, it comes at the sacrifice to the rest who will receive smaller pieces.

    “will not affect the availability of Fastpasses”…. . Translation…. it WILL effect everyone else waiting in the line without Privilege.

    Rides run at capacity and can only accommodate so many Guests in a certain amount of time….

    When someone gets ahead in line, that only means everyone else has to wait even longer, or maybe not get on the ride at all.

    What is being sold is something which was ALREADY PAID FOR by someone else.

    As long as the “suckers” keep paying to be so abused, this will only continue until there is no reason for anyone to go to Disney ever again.

    They have stolen away the “Magic” which was based upon being a “Guest”…

    Or maybe it is somehow acceptable that some Guests are better then other Guests.

    Such a disgrace, insult, and blatant display of Greed.

    • While I do agree that this latest FP test is in the service of greed, I don’t agree that FP was the beginning of the end. The FP system itself was never one to distinguish between those that have “special privilege” and all the rest. The way that I see FP is that everyone has the same opportunity to educate themselves on the system…everyone has the same opportunity to make use of the system…regardless of financial circumstance. The person staying in a value resort will have the same opportunity as the person staying in the deluxe resort to make use of the FP system.

      If there is a distinction it is between those who stay on Disney property, and those that stay off site. But that distinction only translates to the booking window period opening earlier for resort guests.

      This pay-for-play system is truly the beginning of the end. Such a move (while a definite money maker) will break even more of the level playing field that we all play on.

      • Did you know that Fast Pass distribution is NoT on an equal divide? Let’s say 100,000 guests go through a ride on a day… And that 75,000 riders are allotted for fast pass, while 25,000 guests will be on stand by… What if ALL guests did NoT have equal access to get one of those 75,000 fast pass positions?? What if out of the 75,000 fast pass slots, only 25,000 were accessible for plain Guests, but 50,000 fast pass slots were saved for on property Guests? What if of that 50,000 from on property Guests, only 25,000 slots were for plain on property Guests, and the high end guests had exclusive access to the other 25,000 fast pass slots? There are many sub parameters that decide who had access to getting a fast pass which are UNKNOWN to the Guests… That makes the system a DECEPTION. Guests think everyone had equal access but maybe not!

  • The parks just keep moving further away from Walt’s original express wish that ALL GUESTS were VIP’s and treated the same. I guess you could reason that every guest has the option of paying for this front of the line pass, but then, isn’t this just sort of going back to the original paid admission and ticket books option – just as extreme prices?

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