PHOTOS: Even More New Splash Mountain Merchandise Plunges into Magic Kingdom

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A few weeks ago new merchandise started to hop-in to Splashdown Gifts at Magic Kingdom themed to Splash Mountain. There’s been a few more pieces added to the line since we last showed you, including an awesome new phone case available in the D-Tech On Demand kiosks in the park.

Youth Shirt $24.99
Ladies Shirt – $32.99
Ladies Shirt (back detail) – $32.99
Hoodie – $49.99
Hoodie (back detail) – $49.99
Phone Case – $29.99
Graphic Tee – $24.99
Ladies Top – $32.99
Tank Top – $24.99
Beach Towel – $26.99
Brer Rabbit Plush – $19.99

Will you be hopping home with any of this new merchandise?



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Melanie B.
Melanie B.

I feel like they’re grossly overestimating how much guests love the phrase “Everything Is Satisfactual.” Predicting large quantities of those in the bargain bins next year.