RUMOR: Disney is Developing an App to Assist Guests Taking Photos in the Parks

A recent patent filing shows that Disney might be designing an app to help guests take better photos in the parks. The application will combine GPS technology, hepatic feedback (vibrations), visual instructions, and other features to assist users in capturing the perfect photo or video.

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To start, the application will use the device’s GPS technology to determine the location of the user. When the location and direction of the device’s lens are determined, the app will advise the user in capturing the perfect image.

Based on the time of the day and the location, the app will suggest the user take photos or take a video. For example, if the user is pointing the device at Cinderella Castle when there isn’t a show scheduled, the app will suggest a photo. But, if there is a show or fireworks show scheduled at the time the user points the device at the castle, the app will suggest a video is recorded.

Based on the user’s location, the app will suggest different techniques for the user to properly capture the imagery. For example, the app will assist the user differently if the user is capturing a video of the daytime parade at the Magic Kingdom versus a nighttime fireworks show at Hollywood Studios.


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The haptic, audio and visual feedback presented by the app will allow users to capture imagery without needing to look at their device while the event is going on. So the user will be directed to point the device in the general direction of the event and the feedback will tell the user how to move the device to capture the event properly without looking at the screen.

Essentially, Disney wants to help guests experience the event with their own eyes while also letting them capture the memory. The machine learning and app technology will also assist users in capturing the event better than they would by themselves so that the imagery is in focus and in the frame.


7 thoughts on “RUMOR: Disney is Developing an App to Assist Guests Taking Photos in the Parks”

    • This first thing that comes to mind is that everyone capture event at disney and share on social media… Disney might wanna help people capture better stuff to post online… other wise, I don’t see the point either.

      • also would help prob slim down photo pass staff

        and/or Make the app only work with memory maker subscribers.

      • Customer experience as well. This camera application is made especially for the Disney park. Read it as: Exclusive Disney camera increases your experience of capturing memories. They could even give the AI a mascotte related to Photopass :P

  1. I expect that we will eventually see an app that allows guest to create their own Magic Shots using AR.

  2. How about if the person tries to take a video of a show, it tells them to just watch the show themselves and find a video later on YouTube, and stop blocking the view of the people behind them?

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