Marvel Iron Man Light Up Bubble Maker in Downtown Disney

PHOTOS: New Marvel Iron Man Light Up Bubble Gauntlet at Disneyland, Disney World

Bubble wand meets pop culture icon in the latest Disneyland souvenir. Truly a collectible for all ages, this new Iron Man Light Up Bubble Gauntlet is a shinny testament to merchandising done the Disney way. Nostalgic adults, teens, and kids keen on the franchise will be drawn in because Marvel. Meanwhile, even kids not terribly Iron-Man aware will be drawn to the pretty paint job and sheer bubble production.

Marvel Iron Man Light Up Bubble Wand at Disneyland Resort

Children continue to show a penchant for bubbles. The passion increases when they are dispensed en masse from a trigger-activated baton featuring some collection of favored fictional characters. The new gauntlet is notably short on princesses and Pixar heroes, though compensates thoroughly in the form of bells, lights, and whistles.

Marvel Iron Man Light Up Bubble Maker Downtown Disney

Iron Man Bubble Gauntlets are currently available at the World of Disney Too, the World of Disney store annex. At $25.00, it may seem a bit dear, even for a sparkly Disney creation. Parents who have already purchased Frozen and Buzz Lightyear versions of this novelty may take a bit of convincing. When your kids see someone else with one, and bear witness the sights, sounds, and bubble projecting power, plan on making your own trip out to Downtown Disney. Fortunately, World of Disney Too is located at the park end of the mall, and stays open late.

Iron Man Bubble Gauntlet Disneyland Resort

Comes with one bubble refill. Which will run out. As far as your children are concerned, it will be worth buying another entire gauntlet for more bubbles. Enjoy.

Marvel Iron Man Bubble Maker at Downtown Disney

The gauntlet was also found (surprisingly) at Walt Disney World, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (as seen below).

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2 years ago

Anyone know how to turn it off? Just bought one today and it just keeps going. It won’t stop. The batteries are going to die at this rate.

Tom Corless
2 years ago
Reply to  SU

The button must be stuck.

Peter Quill
Peter Quill
2 years ago

Ideally it should have been a Star-Lord bubble gun.
But I know squeaky clean Disney doesn’t sell or allow toy guns anymore.