REVIEW: Pizzafari Debuts Family-Style Dining Experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Defies Most Expectations

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A few weeks ago we told you that the Pizzafari quick service location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park was starting an evening family-style dining experience. That meal period started July 31st, 2018, and we were there to eat to our heart’s content. We journeyed out on this adventure to bring you a full review of the experience.

Let’s start with an annoyance: No discounts. No Tables In Wonderland, Annual Pass, anything. It comes to $19.99/person (which isn’t horrible), but no discounts leaves a sour taste in our mouth immediately.

To check-in you visit a podium at the back of the main ordering area. Tell them your name and time (if you have a reservation – they also take walk-ups), you receive a card with a table number and proceed to the register to pay. Here they also take your soft drink order (you get a large for adults, adult regular for kids to avoid a need to provide refills once you sit down) and give you appetizers: a Caesar Salad and a Caprese Salad. NOTE: This is the serving size for TWO adults, all servings change based on party size. This is all of the food, it is NOT all you can eat.

Both are rather fresh and good, especially for a quick service restaurant. The Caesar salad tastes like it wasn’t sitting around bathing in dressing all day. The mozzarella was fresh and balsamic added a great flavor. A good start to the meal!

For entrees we have Baked Ziti, Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken, and Pepperoni Pizza.

The Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken came out a rather small portion, but flavorful white sauce adorned a bunch of fettuccini with half a sliced chicken breast on top.

Baked Ziti arrives in a larger portion spread across a plate. There’s a LOT and cheese and sauce covering the ziti and it’s pretty tasty. Nothing to write home about but certainly far from the worst thing we’ve ever had. It’s a decent dish that’ll satisfy. Much better than regular quick service but don’t expect Tutto Italia quality.

The pepperoni pizza is the star here. It’s not the typical Pizzafari or Disney quick service pizza, it’s beyond better. A crispy crust that tastes straight from an open-fire oven. It’s a little salty, there’s a LOT of cheese, and it’s charred ever so slightly. This is a winner!

For dessert we received a bunch of cannoli. These taste freshly defrosted from the freezer and honestly weren’t that bad.


Overall, it’s a great deal – especially for the price. An average entree at Pizzafari runs $12, and adding a large beverage brings the cost close to $16 after tax. For a few dollars more you get a bunch of different appetizers and numerous entrees. Between two people it’s a lot of food, and when you add more people in there’s even larger portions. There’s great value here and the food is pretty good to boot. The only problem that really impacts food quality is, believe it or not, how freezing cold the restaurant is. Sure, compared to the hot Florida summer it’s great, but it sure cools down the pasta quick making for some really chilly bites. That said, we do recommend this offering if you are going to bother eating dinner at Pizzafari.