VIDEO, PHOTOS: New Remodeled World of Disney Store Opens at Disney Springs

The newly remodeled World of Disney store has reopened at Disney Springs this morning, featuring a new industrial look and feel similar to the remodeled World of Disney store at Downtown Disney in Anaheim. The previous entrance near Amorette’s Patisserie is now closed for refurbishment and the completion of the whole World of Disney store will be in the Fall of 2018.

The new World of Disney store has definitely lost some charm, but it does make up for it functionality. It is definitely more spacious allowing for guests to move more freely through the shop. All of the overhead decorations that used to light up the store are all gone. We’ll let you decide if you like it or not, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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There are a few pieces of character line art throughout the store. Even if they add more of this, I’m not sure it will make it feel any more “Disney” inside.

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53 thoughts on “VIDEO, PHOTOS: New Remodeled World of Disney Store Opens at Disney Springs”

  1. Just another corporate store anywhere USA. Lacks a lot.I understand traffic flow, but there is no reason look around. If you can see the whole store at once , why bother going any closer to looks for that something special. Its like a drive by at a yard sale.
    Why bother? Disney does themeing the best. Marketing isn’t inventing anything new here.
    When the store closes they can just put up anyones logo , move in merchandise. It has NO character.

    • Completely agree. It’s boring. To a kid, it looks like any other clothing store. No Disney Magic…

      • What, are you serious? All the merchandise is Disney. Why is it when something changes all the negative nanny’s come out. Geez

  2. It looks like a very nice store, but it doesn’t scream Disney. Why take out all of the Disney decor? That’s what made the store magical and made people smile when they walked in. Now, it’s just another store.

  3. When you are selling something in a store, the point is to have the attention of people in the store focused on the items being sold…. decorations around serve only as a distraction to the point of sales. That is a plain simple truth… HOWEVER, the question is “what are you really selling??” Is the selling point the items you are displaying on sales racks…??? OR are you REALLY selling the Disney “experience”??? There once was a time when the experience was the product being sold…. now it seems that someone feels it is no longer necessary to sell the experience because folks are ALREADY sold on that… so now is the time to just cash in on the already developed audience, and just sell the products on the racks. This kind of thinking is very short sighted and grab the money NOW kind of thinking…. It would seem that the idea of the future has little consideration with decisions as compared to daily sales.

    • Pretty good point Randyland. I would agree that most shoppers rolling in there now are probably trying to make the shopping “experience” as quick as possible, which is basically our society nowadays, so there is no need to sell anyone on the “experience”. Guess you can’t blame Disney for taking this route, but it is unfortunate.

  4. It now looks like it is more reflective of the theming of Disney Springs. It seems to be more industrial/ steampunk and the brick is similar to the other buildings. Cant wait to go shopping!

  5. I assume it’s supposed to match the theme of the rest of Disney Springs. Which makes sense I guess.

    I don’t love it or hate it, I’ll still shop there.

  6. I did love all the Disney decor of the old one and it was magical, I will miss it, however I did feel like my brain was on sensory overload with all the merchandise in there that it was hard to focus on what was for sale. So this does feel a bit more relaxed and easier to shop. If that makes sense.

  7. It’s very nice but I will miss all the ceiling decorations.
    But it looks much more open so it hopefully will be a little easier to navigate without having to push through people.

  8. Love It!!! Its more up to date, The old was getting a little run down! We just back from Disneyland last week and while we where there they opened the new side of it out there too and just loved it!

  9. Wow, it looks so much better now. Can’t wait to visit next month. Keep up the good work Disney.
    See ya Real Soon

  10. it looks as if they removed a LOT of the little spinners that hold the little trinkets like erasers, magnets and such. I hope they still have some of these available… love to pick their own souvenirs from these, but they really did make for tight spaces with the crowds.

    • They are only half done with the remodeling, I’m sure they know what sells and what doesn’t.

  11. I would have enjoyed this new Starbucks a lot more if I HAD GOTTEN MY CUP OF COFFEE!!! Serously where do I order?

  12. Yawn… now its just like Marketplace, Co-op, the Florida Mall, the Mall of … whatever. The whimsy of the original store torn out for post modern blah. Might as well as go ahead and remold 12 Days of Christmas. Or not. Every place will be selling the same thing anyway.

  13. It’s now just a store. All the Disney magic is gone. All the characters that used to tell a story in each room are gone. It makes me very sad! Where has Disney gone???????????

  14. Such a disappointment! Lacking the overall theming I expect from Disney. Might as well make my purchases other places. The decorations were what made the store special.

  15. I will miss looking up and seeing Pocahontas & John Smith (the couple I obsess on most) sitting by the ceiling, together instead of apart. I think I also saw my favorite Disney character, Iago, up there, too.

  16. The Disney “Magic” is missing. I can shop at a resort and get the same feeling that I get from the new “look”. I loved all the old Disney cluttered look.

  17. I’m all for heavy theming, but I like this change.
    It always felt somewhat claustrophobic & cluttered in World of Disney before.
    My wife, who’s an absolute maniac for shopping, never cared for shopping in there.
    But she sure made her mark everywhere else within Disney World.

  18. It looks like they’re trying to keep crowds down (by not giving them much to look at); like they don’t want people hanging around. ‘Come in, buy something, and leave. Don’t stand around looking at stuff taking up space.’ It’s modern, but not exciting in the least. Cold.

  19. A friend of mine said it looks like the studios in Burbank. The question is, what does that have to do with shopping?

  20. What a great improvement this is. Take the old 1990’s look and give it a fresh look. THANK YOU
    Looks like Disney is moving along with technology and fashion very well with the rest of the world.

  21. I miss the overhead decorations and my 9yo immediately said it didn’t look like much fun any longer.

    I have fond memories of her being entertained by the fun decorations on the ceiling as I shopped when she was a baby. Missing those already.

  22. No..they are losing the magic. Everything is going to a grownup scale… love walking into fantasy not a shopping mall

  23. So much better than the old store, now you might actually be able to move around in it. Well done Disney.

  24. Dreadful. This new store has no Disney magic. It could be anywhere and is very disappointing. The imagineers (if they had them) could have made so much more of this and they completely missed the opportunity.

  25. Looks like a Dick’s sporting goods store. Used to love shopping and seeing all the Disney characters on the ceiling/walls…

  26. Old World of Disney: Tacky, Crowded, Dated, Overwhelming, Whimsical, Fun, Full of details that kept you coming back so you could notice something different every time.

    New World of Disney: Cold, Heartless, Generic, Underwhelming, Clean, Modern, Sleek, and Less crowded.

    I realize they aren’t finished and maybe they’ll be able to incorporate the parts of the old World of Disney that we all loved so much, but right now it just looks like they went from one extreme to the next. From complete sugar-rush-sensory-overload to Talbots Outlet. At least kids thought World of Disney was awesome. Now kids will hate it and adults will find it slightly more bearable if they’re hungover. If they lay a finger on 12 days of Christmas I’ll chain myself to the tacky candy canes and go down with the ship-and this is coming from a jew.

  27. Sterile. Industrial. Just like a mall or strip store you see anywhere.
    Definately not Disney feel any more.
    So sad.
    I miss the magic.

  28. It’s a HUGE disappointment! Reimagined? There is no imagination to this new “old” abandoned warehouse “look”. This was the one big bright spot in Disney’s Market Place / Disney Springs. It may not have been conducive for people traffic but that could have been redesigned without removing everything that made it a “Disney” experience. It now looks like an new “old” abandoned factory. What were they thinking?

  29. I just walked in and walked with my family without buying anything. It looked like a factory outlet. I used to spend money there like crazy but I doubt I’ll go back unless I have to.

  30. I was there today, TERRIBLE!!!

    No Disney magic at all. And to make things worst, verything looks cheap, like the fake wood floors.
    Horrible new logo.

    The place is dark and too industrial.

    Disney is NO special anymore!

  31. So disappointing. We have been going to this store for the past 20 years. There is absolutely no “Magic” in this store now. It doesn’t even look like Disney quality- it now houses a cheap warehouse look. The Disney Stores you find at your local mall look more appealing than this. It looks like a shopping warehouse with nothing special about it but merchandise. Very boring. I can’t believe that Disney would replace all of the beautiful overhead paintings and statues that so many kids and adults love seeing to “NOTHING” but a bunch of metal and wood look framing. Lack of imagination and creativity…..

  32. Are they not carrying as much merchandise as they used to? I was there in January before the remodel started and was totally disappointed in the selection! We used to love getting our Disney fix simply by going to The World of Disney. 😢

  33. We were there in June. Some sections were still closed. From the pictures it’s doesnt seem like a Disney feeling. We will check it out when we return in Dec.
    Craig and. Christin

  34. Been going to Orlando from the UK since 1989, and I have felt the magic being ripped out of Disney Springs from Downtown over the past 10 years,It’s just being turned into another Outlet Mall. The excitement of what it was just not there anymore. Used to spend 3 or 4 nights strolling during our vacation and spent a few bucks during that time,now it’s one visit maybe to go to the AMC for a movie then off somewhere else. Just don’t get the feeling no more!!!!!

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