Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff Disney California Adventure

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff Opens on Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure

The Pixar Pier unveiling continues at Disney California Adventure with the grand opening of Bing Bong’s Sweet Shop. The delightful candy store and merchandise mart is an homage to our lovable imaginary friend from Pixar’s Inside Out. Love, loath, or lie somewhere in between regarding the Pixar Pier remodel, Bing Bong’s is likely to reinforce your current impression.

Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff Disney California Adventure

Are you thrilled with the Incredicoaster? Do you love the Lamplight Lounge and Cookie Num Nums? Is the Boardwalk now just animated with further appeal? You will surely find new candy shoppe charming and as adorable as intended. There is a wealth of candy (of course), signature Inside Out and additional Pixar collectible merchandise, and a “Memory Refreshers” Gourmet Ice Bar. Multiple flavors of whimsically colored slushie concoctions await guests desirous of a memory jolt. A glorious bakery counteralso boasts hopelessly creative Pixar desserts and snacks.

Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff juice and bakery counter

Are you irrevocably put out by the amount of time it took to nominally add a mere overlay to an already established roller coaster? Is the presence, and menu, of the Poultry Palace an unforgivable blot on this once beloved land? Bing Bong’s probably isn’t going to win you over. The fact that the shoppe’s statuary centerpiece is hidden behind a curtain, presenting rather a terrifying Bing Bong abstract, will be the icing on your unimpressed bit of cake.

Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff scrim curtain

Much as with the rest of Pixar Pier, your personal expectations will shape how you feel about Bing Bong’s. If you were expecting Pixar Pier to rival Cars Land, your standards might be a tad high, and you are likely disappointed. If you were more realistically hoping for Paradise Pier with a little more Disney authenticity, that’s exactly what you got. It’s also what you have in Bing Bong’s. Considering what was here before, it now has more charm, more character, and much more of a Disney feel. If you just let yourself, you’ll love it.

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