REVIEW: Sprinkles Vodka Infused Cupcake at Disney Springs

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Sprinkles Cupcakes at Disney Springs offers a new soft treat made with some hard liquor. The “Tito’s Handmade Vodka American Mule” is available from today until July 22nd. It features a ginger cake frosted with the Texas based distillery’s signature vodka and studded with crystallized ginger. At less than 5% alcohol by volume, it would be quite the task to feel the alcohol impact from this sweet treat, but it is designated by store signage as an adults only cupcake. It rings in at $5.25.

As for the eating experience, the American Mule continues Sprinkles’ tradition of a fluffy cupcake that goes down easily, though the ginger elements overall didn’t stand out as one might hope. When marketing a “cocktail cupcake,” you might expect a bit of punch to the taste, but neither the vodka or ginger hold as much flavor as the lime, which in itself is excellent.

While nobody’s calling a cab after enjoying this limited time cupcake, its a unique treat if you find yourself seeking out a spongy lime-flavor delicacy.  

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