REVIEW: The Strangest Alcoholic Float in Disney World is in Toy Story Land

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Woody’s Lunch Box is the newest quick service offering at Walt Disney World. We reviewed the location exceedingly high, but that’s amazing praise as every other quick service in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is either ‘meh’ to ‘wow I won’t do that again’. Woody’s Lunch Box lands on a ‘I’ll specifically go to studios just to have a meal here’. Well, there’s a new reason to love the Toy Story Land eatery now: Alcoholic Floats. Yup, you heard that right. And no, this isn’t akin to the beer floats that Beaches & Cream had for a while, this is an entirely new idea.

First, there’s the Grown-Up’s Lemonade. Alone it’s rather tasty and refreshing. In MyDisneyExperience Mobile Order it gives you the option to add a scoop of ice cream for $2.00 to make it a float. Hey, if they’re recommending it it must be good, right? Turns out that’s absolutely accurate.

Adding the ice cream to the adult beverage adds a creaminess that works well with the cherry vodka in the mixture. Everything turns into a cherry creamsicle that tastes like heaven and works well. We were stunned. This can very well be the best alcoholic float in all of Walt Disney World. At the very least it’s the most unique for sure, but we’re willing to bet it’s the best tasting as well.

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  • Why is everything a PUSH to be ALCOHOLIC??

    An Ice Cream Float can’t just be an Ice Cream Float??

    How about Mickey Ears Ice Cream Pops in your choice of Rum, Vodka, or Bourbon…??

    See you friendly Ice Cream Wagon Cast Member today!!

    (No kids, Mommy doesn’t have a cold just because she has a red nose… she just had too much Ice Cream!!)

    • The drink already existed, it just now exists with the option to put ice cream on it. Really, its a push to add ice cream to more things. (which I am in favor of)

    • Isn’t not a float with alcohol, it’s an alcoholic drink. You have an option to add ice cream to that drink. Do better.

      • My ideas are found all throughout the Parks… However. they often become twisted from their original purest concepts.

    • Becasus adults like to enjoy adult things. And just because your enjoying an alcoholic beverage doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic or even going to get drunk!

      Also there are a lot of adults visiting that don’t have kids!

      • Anyone who “needs” to have alcohol in their ICE CREAM Float to enjoy it IS an Alcoholic. These are family parks with plenty of children, and it does not mix. Some can “handle” their alcohol, others cannot. It is simply out of place.

        • Since when do you get to determine what I “need” Randy? The only thing out of place here seems to be you.

          • i spoke in general DJ… You have directed “anyone” to refer to yourself… If the shoe fits, as they say, where it!

        • Disney has always been a place for ALL ages, which means adults (with or without kids) like to enjoy adult things sometimes. “Simply out of place”… absolutely comical that you think you know what is or is not “out of place” for other people. I have been going to WDW for 32 years and I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve actually seen wasted or hammered guests. That is an insanely small percentage of the time. And oh ya, if you are SO against alcohol at the parks, stop going. I’m sure Disney won’t miss your money.

          • CORRECTION, Disney has ALWAYS BEEN a place where NO alcohol was allowed in the Parks… with the exception of Epcot Restaurants. The advent of alcohol in open kiosks along the walkways, and the push to have it in as many places as possible throughout the Parks is a recent one. It is against the original CORE VALUES of which was an important part of what Walt Disney World was, and there will come a time that not going to the parks anymore will become necessary. Until then, I will always stand as defender of what I see as danger in destroying the wonder of Walt Disney World’s Magic. Just because you do not see anything wrong with it, does not mean that it is not wrong.

    • Prude alert!!!

      If you don’t want alcohol, don’t drink it. But stop judging those choose to have a drink or two.

      • We are talking morals. It is out of place, and was never allowed as part of the Core Values of the parks. These are plain facts.

        • Morals? Core values? WDW isn’t a religion, it’s a theme park. Please stop attempting to force your beliefs on others.

          • WDW was a place based upon Core Values. It was about a man’s dreams, and for many who were a part of it, it was a way of life. For some it was almost a “holy” place, and the fall from Grace is a matter of Desecration. Points of view differ, however certain things are simply a matter of right or wrong.

  • Yes! Another delicious alcoholic concoction! (teetotalers hurry and run to your safe space.)

    My concern being…does the float come in a bigger cup? If not then adding $2 worth of ice cream will be displacing a very large amount of scrumptious (and expensive) alcohol.

  • Mmmm. Bourbon Mickey Ears ice cream. Now you’re talking! Best idea I’ve heard in a long time!

  • $13 bucks? I’ll wait to have the chilled wine and or Jim Beam on the rocks I brought from home for the room fridge.

  • Beaches & Cream “had?” Did they do away with the ice cream adult floats? We were there in May and my husband had one with Guinness.

  • I would like to vote the Black Cherry cider with chocolate ice cream at Ample Hills as the best adult float in WDW. Which I “want” to have a a treat Randy! I don’t need it, but if I want an alcoholic beverage and can enjoy responsibly, I don’t need a Randy policing my intake. But thanks !

    • So you would be the adult Guest at a Kiddy Party, standing in the back enjoying your alcohol while the kids are in the room watching the Clown making balloon animals and eating ice cream and cake…..? And you do not see anything wrong with that?? Well I do!

  • Sooo… according to Randyland logic, any mind-altering substance should be forbidden within the parks. I’d love to see what would happen when people are totally cut off from alcohol, antianxiety medications, and their psychotropic medications while visiting the happiest place on Earth. The modern era we live in has bred dependency. Like it or not, times change, and regardless of one person’s morals, you can’t change the mindset of the majority overnight. If you think a 5 year’s old meltdown is bad while waiting in a 2 hour line for Barnstormer…just wait until you start trying to remove all the “good stuff” for the adults. You can speak of all the “core values” you’d like. Corporate America can’t sit back and let values from 70 years ago run modern day business.

    • The Parks were ALWAYS without Alcohol. (Epcot World Showcase Restaurants Excluded)… Yet all these people on so called dependencies had no issue with getting through the Day at Disney without it.

      There is a difference between someone who has a prescription medication which they carry with them, and having kiosks promoting the sales of Alcoholic treats.

      Corporate America and Walt Disney World were never a match made in heaven… For decades the two coexisted, each respecting the value of the association with the other, however, the Corporation part has taken over, and is smothering out the very things which made it what it was.

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