REVIEW: “Shark Week” Shark Attack Frappuccino at Disney Springs Has No Bite

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“Out of the water!” the barista yelled as she laid down the white and red swirled beverage, “We’ve got a shark attack! This would be the highlight of the specialty Shark Attack Frappuccino at Disney Springs. 

In celebration of Shark Week, Starbucks has mixed a serious strawberry frap with fresh blueberries and half a confetti cookie. The other half of the baked good is then planted on top as a sugary fin, giving off the vibe that there’s “blood in the water.” But such morbid fun is about all that can be had here.

The blueberries make up the majority of the drink and, as they are the fruit and not some syrup substitute, their level of flavor is completely overpowered by the whip cream and strawberry. That might work if either of the other two stood out, but, when mixed together, the whole thing lacks almost any real flavor at all. This on top of the fact that the confetti cookie is basically just a sugary wedge.

And then there is the price. A grande was purchased for this review and still cost $10.39. Oddly the venti, according to the menu board, was $10.60 tax included! If you want to know what two dimes and a little Lincoln can get ya, apparently it’s a shark frap upgrade. So why so expensive? The blueberry topping and cookie were simply added items to the strawberry frap, making the additions an extra $4.00.

That’s quite a chomp out of your wallet and, for this reviewer, it was the blandest frappuccino ever tried. Stay clear of the water my friends – there’s no reason to try to catch this big fish while you can. 


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