V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights Registration Now Open for All Event Dates!

Registration is now open for V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights at Walt Disney World!

For Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, and Premier Passholders only, Walt Disney World will be offering special evenings at Magic Kingdom and Epcot for passholders to spend two extra hours in the park after closing. Select attractions, shops, and dining will stay open for these events.

These events are free to the passholders but they must register in advance. You can do so at this link. These events are expected to fill up fast.

The following dates are available (note that passholders may only register for one of the three events):

  • August 5th, 2018 at the Magic Kingdom from 10pm to 12am
  • September 6th, 2018 at Epcot from 9pm-11pm
  • October 25th at Epcot from 9pm-11pm
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  1. The cropping of the ViPassholders Events logo on the front page is unfortunate.

  2. From what I’ve read this basically seems like the after-hours hard ticket event. Do you think that means it will also include the free snacks that the event does?

  3. We can’t make the Magic Kingdom date, but we’d like to hit one of the Epcots. Do you know if Food and Wine will be operational during the event, or will they shut down the kiosks at park close? We’ll probably go anyway, but it would be incredible if F&W were open too.

    1. I booked the MK on 8/5 at around 330EST….and of course I did not receive an email

  4. Sad to say I am HUGELY disappointed in Disney for this event. We purchased annual passes and have them linked to our reservation on 8/3-8/18/18. I never received an invite – I called and SW 5 different reps and they all said oh it’ll be coming your an annual passholder ….. until! Until I finally was transferred to the Passholder Help Team where I was informed yes I did purchase 5 Platinum Plus Annual passes and YES they are linked to my reservation BUT they had to be activated on my reservation. I replied why would I activate my annual passes (bought in January 2018) since the clock starts ticking down on them and we aren’t visiting until August 2018. The answer – you aren’t considered a passholder until they are activated.. Activated and linked for all case in purposes on these offers are not the same. So the close to $3k I spent on the passes means nothing until I activate them – quite a loophole of which I do not see explained anywhere. The rep replied I was painting him into a corner by saying that and that there were other reasons I must of bought the annual passes than for this event. They HAVE got to be kidding with that customer service . I said OK I’ll activate on the 3rd and the event is on the 5th – to which he said you missed the window to reply sorry.

    1. No offense but you can’t get mad at Disney if you’re passes are not activated at the time of the invite. I (and I am sure they) understand that you’ve spent A LOT of money on them. I also feel like since your vacation is during the event and linked there should have been a loophole to allow you to go, however, that would cause a big issue because people will try to cheat the system.

      1. If you dont live in Florida or near by why would you activate prior to arrival? It would have sheared 7 months off my pass if I activated it when I bought it. How is it cheating the system if I rightfully bought them arrive prior to date of event and they will be activated prior to date of the event. If the tickets are bought and paid for and linked they should be acknowledged as valid. When I called to file a complaint even the rep thought it was off that it wouldn’t be accepted. She said that it should be made clear if that’s the policy widely stated.

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