REVIEW: Up For a Challenge? Try the Disney Trivia Night at Port Orleans Riverside

We were strolling the bayou this past week when we stumbled upon trivia night at the River Roost Lounge at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside!

Starting promptly at 8:30PM every Tuesday, trivia night encourages Disney fans of all ages to come and test their skills. River Roost updated their menu for food and beverages earlier this year, we recommend coming over for dinner and staying for trivia.

Trivia is split into three rounds, 15 questions each. The theme of the questions changes with every five asked, so be prepared to stay on your toes. We encountered everything from Movie Quotes and Star Wars with questions about specific numbers, key phrases, and even some multiple choice questions that were more difficult than anticipated.

Pens and trivia cards are provided. A team name is asked, although never said by the announcer. We kept ours PG for obvious reasons. There were some bonus questions mixed-in as well. One example was a question during round one: “What number is on the side of Lightning McQueen? Is it 59 or 95? – Bonus: What does the number mean in terms of Pixar?”. Of course it’s 95, a reference to the year the first Pixar feature film, Toy Story, premiered. Other bonuses included knowing what episode a Star Wars quote was from and knowing all of the Aristocats kitten names.

This is a completely free event, but it filled-up River Roost Lounge on an otherwise slow night. Oh, yeah, there’s also prizes! At the end of each round a prize is awarded to the highest total points that specific round. At the end of all three rounds the team with the highest commutative score wins a grand prize. Prizes are coupons for recreation experiences at Port Orleans, which makes sense because the recreation team is also leading the trivia night. It’s a fun idea for prizes that guests may typically not know about, such as the cane fishing experience or bike rentals. We won two of the three rounds of trivia and ended-up with the grand prize, which was the remainder of the coupons that weren’t given out. We didn’t particularly need the prizes so we felt they were best in the hands of other tables around us with children (We kept a bike rental, can’t give up all the fun).

Overall the experience was EXTREMELY positive, especially for a free event. The recreation Cast Member hosting was funny and was able to control the crowd well, regardless of a table that was purely recreation cast on their day off. Our only gripe is including all movie related trivia, nothing about Disney Parks. Surely a few questions about the parks (or even Riverside) would go a long way, especially at Walt Disney World. Including Star Wars trivia is also a little weird, considering the rabid fan community who’s willing to fight anything related to the topic. One question included was “How many actors have played Anakin Skywalker? 2 or 3?” and we debated at our table for quite some time the semantics of what would qualify before confirming our answer of 3, which was deemed correct. There’s lot of potential and the atmosphere was fun, we recommend checking it out for a fun evening at Riverside.


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