REVIEW: Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums is the Best Attraction In Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure

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Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums is a brand new outdoor food location at Disney California Adventure Park. This location was opened with the Pixar Pier expansion/refurbishment/retheme of Paradise Pier, albeit without its sign. Previously this stand sold boring, plain photos of you and your family riding California Screamin’. Now it sells cookies and milk, Santa’s dream come true! We didn’t expect $6.00 cookies to impress, but we were quite wrong.


Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num – $6.00

This looks more like a cookie pie, but that’s a good thing. These are fresh baked right at the stand, so they come to you fresh and warm. This is incredibly soft and filled with chocolate chips and chunks. It’s really incredible, we can tell why Jack-Jack loves them so much.


Incredicookie – $6.00

This gluten-friendly thumbprint cookie is stuffed with blackberry jam. It looks more like a Mike Wazowski eyeball than an Incredibles cookie, but who cares because it tastes amazing. It’s so good that we didn’t believe it was gluten-friendly. There’s a delicate balance between the outer soft cookie layer and the interior blackberry jam. It’s stellar. Highly recommended whether you eat gluten or not.


Jack Jack Shortbread Cookie – $6.00

Yay a branded cookie! Fortunately it’s not served on fire, that’s reserved for Jack-Jack himself. We originally thought this was the gluten friendly option because it’s so terrible.  Even the frosting is flavorless. Kids will want this because it has Jack-Jack on it, but I’d be surprised if the kids would actually eat it. Not recommended.