REVIEW: Angry Dogs Spices Up Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure

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Angry Dogs is a brand new outdoor food location at Disney California Adventure Park. This location was opened with the Pixar Pier expansion/refurbishment/retheme of Paradise Pier. Previously this stand sold boring, plain hot dogs and chips. Apparently someone spit in their bean curd and made the hot dogs furious. Angry Dogs was born.


Slightly Annoyed Dog – not-so-spicy Hot Dog served with Potato Chips – $6.99

In the photo of the two dogs, this is the hot dog in the back. It’s a hot dog, surprise! Well I mean it’s slightly annoyed. Slightly annoyed, like when you’re heading through Pixar Pier to the IncrediCoaster with your FastPass that you’re 6 minutes late for. The Cast Member is like, “hey you’re late,” and you say, “yeah the walk back took longer than expected, sorry,” and the Cast Member lets you through anyway, but they’re slightly annoyed. Just slightly, nothing too spicy. This hot dog is just like that, slightly a hot dog and slightly annoyed. Potato chips defined as Lays Classic.


Angry Dog – spicy All-Beef Hot Dog with a small bag of “Hot Fries” – $7.99


We’re looking at the dog in the front. We go from slightly annoyed to full out angry. Angry as in “I just flew across the country to wait in line at Angry Dogs to try a spicy new hot dog but there’s a brand new entree at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant I need to review” angry. Yeah, that’s pretty angry. Anyway, this is one spicy link. Very similar, if not the same, as the spicy corn dog from the Corn Dog Castle but without breading. There’s a great plumpness to both of these hot dogs that give a crisp bite each time. Hot Fries are not Andy Capp’s, but a bag of Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Fries.

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Nigel Tufman

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