REVIEW: Zebra Domes and Lunch at The Mara at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Mara is a quick service restaurant located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House. This quick-service restaurant has the feel of a time gone by, with painted walls and accented lighting that feels in-theme with the resort in almost a tacky and fun way. Recently we stopped by for lunch. Well, we went for Zebra Domes, lunch was just an added bonus.


Tamarind Barbecue Pork Sandwich – with Kool Slaai on Ciabatta Bread and a choice of Side – $10.79

There’s a LOT of slaw on this sandwich, we picked more than half of it off and still there was too much. We get adding slaw for a fresh and crunchy kick to a sandwich, but there’s a point where the chef needs to go ‘maybe that’s too much’. Anyway, probably just a one-off instance, but the underlying pork was really awesome. It’s the typical Disney quick-service pulled pork, but this one is slathered in a tamarind barbecue sauce similar to the bread service sauce at Sanaa. The ciabatta bread was a bold choice. All of the pork and sauce drips out of the bread making for a really soggy experience. We opted for couscous which was fresh and had a great onion flavor. Overall it’s a good sandwich that’s rather large for the cost.


Braai Chicken Flatbread – Oak-fired Chicken, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto, Bacon, Red Onion, Mozzarella and Sag Dahl Ranch – $10.49

This was a pretty good flatbread, all of the ingredients worked well together. There’s a lot of bacon, but that shouldn’t deter people. The only real “issue” with the dish is that it falls into the Disney quick-service flatbread trap of “we can’t possibly get the toppings to the sides” which leaves large crust areas that are just bread and the middle is overwhelmed with ingredients. It’s good, and the ranch is darned tasty. Also, interesting to note: they’re cutting it into four pieces instead of six. It makes for a gigantic piece.


Zebra Domes – $4.29

The real reason anyone comes to Animal Kingdom Lodge. Anyone who comes to this resort for just Jiko and doesn’t stop at The Mara for Zebra Domes is a liar. These decadent desserts are little mounds of heaven and alcohol. Yes, alcohol. There’s alcohol inside of the little dome of happiness. Four of them set you back under $5, which is a heck of a deal. Boma has these babies on the dessert line-up and won’t stop you from taking a dozen at a time. The Mara is a much quicker (cheaper, too) option to obtain these little slices of heaven. If you’ve never tasted perfection, Zebra Domes are just a quick bus ride from any of the Walt Disney World theme parks.