RUMOR: Could a Rooftop Bar Be Coming To the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure at Disneyland?

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This is pure speculation on my part, and admittedly a far-out idea, but here goes…

A permit recently filed with the city of Anaheim is showing that Third Floor North, an architectural signage company, will be installing an “illuminated blade sing [sign] that reads ‘THE VERANDA'” somewhere on Parcel 12929103, which is the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure.

The Veranda sure sounds like some kind of lounge or bar. In fact, The Veranda is the name of the concierge lounge at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa., which was formerly known as The Craftsman’s Club. This concierge lounge opened from its refurbishment last December, so it would seem very odd to be installing a new sign for it now, seven months after opening. Not to mention how really wonky it would be to install the sign for the lounge on the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure! Those concierge guests sure aren’t parking in that parking garage!

So, what is this new sign for?

My crazy idea is that Disney is building a bar/lounge in the parking structure. Before you go dismissing this idea as stupid, look at the benefits. You would have a great view of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land opening next year. You’d also have a great view of Disneyland’s fireworks shows, certainly much better than all those people that sit in the Esplanade to watch. And, you’d have something to do to kill time while waiting for the cars to empty out of the garage at park close. Instead of sitting in your car for an hour trying to get out of the garage, go relax at The Veranda for that hour, and then when the traffic has dissipated, speed out of the garage easily.

Sure this is just speculation on my part, but it sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Maybe there won’t be a bar, just a seating area. That’s the more likely scenario, but that seems like a missed opportunity to me!

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    • So by that reasoning bars shouldn’t be allowed to have parking lots. Did you think that through before posting?

  • I believe its new signage for the concierge lounge in the Grand, but the permit has the wrong location. Simple explanation.

    It would irresponsible to place a bar serving alcohol at a parking garage knowing drivers would likely depart immediately following viewing even such as fireworks. Rules would have to be in place similar to baseball stadiums not serving alcohol after the 7th inning. A seating area or lounge without services is also questionable, as the ideal location for view fireworks would require some form of reservation system with a charge. On the point of ideal location, it would be only so good from a vantage point perspective, otherwise its simply bad show on Disney’s part.

    Last, point against is Disney wants to drive people into the resort area and Downtown Disney. The recent renovations and new restaurants indicate as much.

  • The very thought which comes to mind with this rumor, right away includes a bar. This shows the extreme distance things have become, far away from the ideals if what once was. A seating area with soda, hit dogs and ice cream would be my thought if any such viewing area were to be created. But since most things are no turning towards the alcohol, right away the bar cones to mind. That stands as testimony to what the image of Disney has become. Three decades ago, the thought would never have entered the mind.

    • Maybe you should work on correct sentence structure and spelling instead of trying to sound smart by using big words you don’t fully understand. It kind of ruins your whole elitist teetotaler thing you’re trying to convey.

      • i sent it from my phone and it changes words as typed at times… There is no option here for edit to correct afterwards….. However, the points are clear, and trying to target typing errors is only a method used in attempt to cloud the issue, and spin the facts. Address the point made!

        • You didn’t make a point. You clumsily lamented societal changes that any for-profit company (which Disney is) would adapt with to survive, while feigning a faux intellectual tone to portray yourself as of a higher class.

          Congrats on that, I guess.

          • try responding in a respectful way, instead of attempting to discredit valid points which are clear to understand… and don’t hide behind false names in attempt to create validity for your ignorant comments.

          • Respect is earned. You set out to shame and degrade Disney and it’s fans for allowing alcohol. You failed miserably and couldnt even be bothered to proof read your badly written rant. Try making a valid point next time instead of trying desperately to sound smart and above it all, Randyland.

          • Well “Sully”, or who ever you may be; perhaps on Disney’s damage control IT staff, monitoring internet postings, and trying to counter act truth and sway public opinion…

            No need to “shame and degrade Disney and it’s fans for allowing alcohol”…

            the actions and facts speak for themselves.

            Core values and common decency can been thrown out the window, in effort to grab more and more quick profits…

            That is PLAIN for anyone with eyes to see, and they can form their own opinions.

            I see it as a disgrace, and no one can white wash it any other way.

            Maybe the damage is done…

            Perhaps there is little hope of return…

            It could go down in history as the biggest fall from grace for modern man.

            Maybe go hang out with your drunken friends at a Disney Park, and as you try to escape the reality of these truths with yet another shot, think for a brief moment of all the damage which could been done to a renowned institution, once the admiration of the world, now perhaps a place where almost anything goes in the quest for more and more money.

            is it the story of the theft of a man’s dreams and ideals…?

            Let’s pop the cork and drinks all around to toast and celebrate…

            This is the way I see it, and I am sorry for you if you do not agree.

          • I hit it bulls-eye on the nose Huh?? So again attempt to discredit me by calling me crazy…. Best watch you step my friend, you are playing a dangerous game.

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