UPDATE: Cause of Disney Cast Member Death Released

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Walt Disney World Cast Member Juan Alberto Ojeda, 33, was killed on Monday after he became trapped under a utility vehicle he was working on, according to a report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The report revealed that the utility cart Ojeda was working on drove onto the curb, ran into a chain link fence and fell on top of him. Ojeda was working on the cart’s battery when he died at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, according to the report.

Two witnesses, Cast Member Danny Vazquez and new hire Josh Willner, told police they saw the accident happen from about 20 yards away. Vazquez told authorities he was showing Willner around the facility when he heard “a screeching sound and turned to see a Toro utility vehicle drive up onto a curb and into a chain link fence.” The men said they saw the vehicle move six feet up the fence before falling on top of Ojeda.

Vazquez said he was asked by Ojeda to move the cart off of him, but refused out of fear he would further injur Ojeda. The 33-year-old said he couldn’t breathe before he fell unconscious, according to the report. Willner said the cart was still running and that he turned off the vehicle, but left the keys in the ignition.

SOURCE: Newsweek

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  • wow. so basically the guy killed him by refusing to move the cart off of him after he said he couldn’t breath and went unconscious. Absolute tragedy that could have likely been avoided by them just moving the cart off the guy

    • No. He did the right thing by calling 911. Crushing injuries are often more dangerous after the pressure is released. His best chance was for that pressure to be released after the EMTs arrived. And that’s aside from the likelihood that moving the cart at all would have caused more injury.

    • Thank you for demonstrating your lack of knowledge on this instance. In reality, you are not supposed to move the object I’m case it causes further damage. Just like you aren’t supposed to move someone that is injured as this may increase internal damage. Stay ignorant and angry, my friend.

    • I work for Amtrak and they pretty much tell you that if you’re being pinned by a vehicle (train, truck, handcart), you NEVER move it off. Sometimes it’s the only thing keeping you alive. You need trained paramedics there before you move any object because much of the time, the moment that the object is moved, the bleeding becomes too intense to control. The man did the right thing by refusing.

  • As a Paramedic/RN for over 26 years, I find the comments ridiculous to not move the cart off of the victim. The victim was suffocating as he told the others on the scene that he couldn’t breathe. Seems that some are more worried about liabilities (thanks to tort lawyers) than helping a human being.

    • Is it really the lawyers or the jerk people who thought it was the right move to sue the upstanding citizens who helped them in the first place? It isn’t the stoves fault you get burned, it’s the person who left it on.

  • Im sorry but I could not sit there and watch someone die because Im scared to hurt them even more! His last words were probably asking for help. I definitely would have moved the cart and if he would have died from the move, I would go to sleep knowing I tried to save someones life. Thats better than going to sleep thinking I could have done something! My prayers go out to the victim and the guy who didnt move the cart. So sad

  • I think the comments on whether to move the cart or not are pointless. Both arguments are correct but without being on the scene (and even if you were), it’s highly unlikely you know which action would’ve suited this situation. A sad story and sympathies for his family, friends, and coworkers.

    • My thought exactly! Until you’re in that situation you don’t know how your instinct is going to kick in. There is no guarantee he would have survived one way or the other. All around tragic.

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