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BREAKING: Disneyland Resort Pulling Plastic Straws, Lids, Bags Effective This Week

In an effort to curb single-use plastic usage across the property, the Disneyland Resort is removing the open availability of plastic straws and lids for cold beverages, and plastic shopping bags for merchandise starting this week.

Straws and bags will be made available by request, while guests with disabilities that require lids will be offered alternative options as necessary. This is part of the resort’s efforts to reduce plastic use, including decreasing plastic use in resort hotel rooms by 80%, and eliminating polystyrene cups and plastic stirrers for hot drinks.

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products Chairman Bob Chapek said in a statement, “Eliminating plastic straws and other plastic items are meaningful steps in our long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship. These new global efforts help reduce our environmental footprint, and advance our long-term sustainability goals.”

  1. I hate paper straws. I get that they are biodegradable, but they seem to degrade in my mouth after two sips. Not to mention the awful taste they give your drink.

  2. Wow. I’m glad I visited there last week.
    What are they going to do with the rest of those Pixar Fest bags? I must have accumulated at least 15+ during our trip. What about the dome lids and plastic cups and straws from Starbucks?
    I understand the push to go green, its just going to be a big culture shift.

  3. After the massive carbon footprint to run the park, the nightly fireworks, the diesel fueled busses pumping exhaust into the air and mountains of trash disposal to landfills…… Boy and I glad they are getting rid of straws and bags.

    That’ll fix everything.

    1. So if it doesn’t fix the whole problem don’t do it?
      Gotta love the Republican arguing point of “all or nothing”. You guys have the critical thinking skills of a raccoon with a head injury.

      1. It’s not going to fix anything. The countries polluting the oceans with plastic are China, India, etc.

        The crazies in the United States are forcing us to change our behavior because of the reckless activity of other countries who won’t change theirs.

        And it is counter productive for Disney to ban plastic straws and bags when they pollute massively, but aren’t banning fireworks or diesel powered busses, etc.

        And Anaheim, California is 30 minute from the beach. Disney is not a shore resort. So how is their plastic going to wind up in the oceans?

        Try….just try…to use common sense. I know it’s hard…but try.

      2. Why don’t you just go back to 4chan with your like minded “alt right” cohorts? If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it is a conservative like yourself always throwing politics in other people’s faces.

    2. But it feels good, and that’s the point. “Doing their part”. “Think globally, act locally” etc. No matter that the push against plastic straws isn’t founded on any real proof that plastic straws are causing these massive problems. But enough news outlets reported the same story, so now anyone who doesn’t follow along is “anti-environment”. And anyone who’s smart and sophisticated knows you can’t be anti-environment.

  4. Banning balloons will be the next big push for the “go green” advocates. I’ll be very interested to see if Disney supports this movement as quickly as they embraced removal of plastic straws, stirrers and bags. I think it would be very difficult for the bean counters at Disney to give up on the tremendous volume of sales produced on the sales of $10 and $15 balloons in their parks.

    It’s one thing to remove things that are an expense to the company (straws, bags, etc.), it’s a whole new world when you ask them to remove revenue producing items.

    1. Excellent point.

      I wonder if Disney will ban the atmosphere polluting fireworks as well.

      And if plastic is so bad…what about all of those toys they sell that are made of plastic?

      What about plastic soda bottles from their Coke products that are discarded?

      China and India are the biggest polluters on the planet with no regulations….but Disney buys all of their products from those countries thereby contributing to their endless pollution.

      If Disney really wants to “go green” then they will need to shut down their parks entirely.

  5. All the complainers on here is ridiculous! Just as another person already posted, if they cant change everything they should do nothing? So many ppl are unaware that straws frequently don’t remain in landfills or are recycled. Their size and shape allows them to be bypass recycling efforts and invariably end up in our oceans. And plastic bags are a very simple thing to replace with more degradable options. Every little bit helps.

    1. Yeah, because the beaches of California are just TEEMING with plastic and straws.

      Just another silly cause for the environmentalist wackos to cling to in order to criticize the horrible corporate United States.

      Meanwhile….China and India have no regulations…..and the greenies remain silent. Go there and protest and see where they gets you.

      1. Per the Ocean Conservancy organization straws are among the top 10 items found during beach clean up. It also hurts ocean life and just plain irresponsible. There are no easy solutions but we all have to do our part. I cannot worry about China and India are doing I can only worry about what I’m doing.

        1. I am sure that the highly regarded Ocean Conservancy can identify the origin of every straw that is supposedly found and catalogued into their straw database and will confirm that a high percentage of them originate from a Disney property you fool. I am eagerly awaiting that Trump supporting sully’s flaccid response.

        2. Oh no…not in the top 10??

          Yet they are behind Cigarette Butts…and smoking is still allowed on Disney property in certain areas.
          Plastic Beverage Bottles are #2…..and Disney sells TONS of those.

          So Disney should ban ALL cigarettes AND Plastic Bottles before straws.

          #3 Food Wrappers…and Disney sells a ton of food in wrappers.
          #4 Plastic Bottle Caps….. See also #2…and Disney still sells plastic bottles.

          Straws is #5 …..

          There are 372,000 miles of beaches worldwide.
          The average straw is 10 inches long.
          1 mile = 63,360 inches
          That means there are 23,569,920,000 inches of beaches in the world.
          They found 439,571 straws in their beach clean up.
          That equals (when laid end to end) 4,395,710 inches of straws.
          That means that ALL of those straws only pollute 0.000186 of ALL of the world’s beaches…if laid end to end.

          OH NO!!! Not .000186 of ALL of the beaches in the world. How ever will we survive?

  6. Stupid, but not surprising. Symbolic gestures to appease a hunger for the current chic issue.

    1. It’s intersting you think making steps to improve our impact on the environment is a “chic” issue. I’m guessing you probably wrote that while cleaning your gun and wearing a MAGA hat. You should get back to that and let the adults work on our problems.

      1. You can’t stop the name calling and belittling, can you? Just like the left. Someone has an opinion you don’t like, and they’re belittled and ridiculed. It is a chic issue because, just like other freak–outs of the week, the anti-straw fad will come and go. Just like global warming became “climate change” what the whole global-warming thing didn’t pan out. Recycling isn’t helping as much as we were told it would, etc. So yes, some of us don’t go along with the group think. If you want to “do your part”, go right ahead. I’m sure there are so many who agree that the earth is in immediate peril that this great new movement to ban plastic will catch on like wildfire. Knock yourself out. But don’t mandate it for the rest of us who have noticed a pattern with the environmental panic and have chosen to not worry about it as much.

      2. Why don’t you just go away sully. Conservative bullies like you are not welcome here. Go back to 4chan where you belong!

  7. Until Disney bans balloons and plastic toys, I call BS on this one.

    Also Sulley, my friend you really need to relax. You clearly have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Just calm down, read some books and do some research. You will be AMAZED at what you can learn when you accept that other people may have a different opinion than yours and that sometimes someone with a different opinion may actually be right, all you have to do is listen instead of opening your big mouth.

    Disney banning straws in an attempt to cut down on ocean waste is the equivalent of me taking a dump in Sulley’s pool instead of my toilet so that I save the 1.5 gallons of water I would have used to flush. It feels really satisfying to me but in actuality it does nothing to help save the environment.

    Please just do a little research on plastic waste. I love the oceans as much as the next person and it’s awful seeing all the plastic pollution but I can guarantee that ALL OF THE TRASH GENERATED BY WDW goes into a landfill and none of it ends up in the ocean. It gets dumped in the county landfill and then covered up with dirt. That’s how it works.

  8. Soooo, there won’t be lids for any kind of drink? Cause that’s going to work for hot drinks and for kids and their drinks. Jeezs I thought this stupid straw thing was only in San Francisco. Of course some stupid idiot in corporate Disney had to jump on board too. This is just stupid. What are guests going to carry their merchandise in? Their hands? So now people will really think about buying items cause now they’ll have no place to put them in. And seriously with the straws? Most people throw their plastic cups and straws away in the recycle trash sections of Disneyland. It should then be recycled properly. SMH. I swear what’s next? No plates or silverware or napkins?

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