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REVIEW: Limited Time Tiger Birthday Cupcake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The newborn tigers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom turned 1 year old today! The park is celebrating with a cupcake available for today only. Located at Restaurantosaurus in Dinoland U.S.A. this cupcake runs $5.99 and is ADORABLE! If you’re looking for real food here you can check out our full review.

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It’s so cute! While this cupcake is for only today we feel that it’s a great idea for single day items to continue to appear in the parks. It’s a unique and fun idea for guests visiting on that specific day to have something special for their vacation. This cupcake was served nice and cold with a great coconut topping, chocolate tiger piece, and a striped cake body. It almost looks like Tigger! (Please make a Tigger cupcake!)

  1. Any excuse to charge $5.99 for a cup cake???

    Celebrate the tiger’s birthday by GIVING all guests a FREE cupcake.

    That is called Marketing and creates goodwill for Guests.

    Tomorrow is the snakes birthday….

    and next week is the birthday for the big green plant next to the second tree on the left…

    It is nice to do little things which are special, but not when it is created as a way to get more money from people who are supposed to be “Guests” as in your home.

    The Foundation Principle of what it means to treat a Guest as a Guest has been forgotten.

    It is not just a word… it is a way of doing things.

  2. Preach it Randyland!! $5.99 for a cupcake. Does Disney NOT have a limit to the greed? Same ticket prices up, resort stays up. Building new resorts. Only soooo many sardines can fit into the can.

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