BREAKING: Disneyland Will Serve Alcohol to Park Guests in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

After 63 years without liquor (other than private dining venues), Disneyland will begin selling alcoholic beverages when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in 2019.

Oga’s Cantina will be among the first locations to serve alcohol to normal guests in Disneyland’s history.

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  1. Is anyone surprised??

    Is anyone shocked??

    What have I been pointing out, as more and more alcohol is added everywhere in Disney Parks….

    Some defended it by saying that the values are still upheld in the Magic Kingdom Park….

    And it will continue to expand with little doubt in my mind.

    Watch the transformation over the next 10 years…

    or 20 years…

    What once were core values, seems gone and forgotten.

    What is next after alcohol spreads through out?

    Wait and see.

    1. Hi Randyland! As an avid follower of this website, I can’t help but notice that you’ve been upset by the alcohol situation in Disney Parks for some time. While I respect your opinion, I don’t feel like alcohol has had any negative impact on my park experiece. As a parent of two elementary school aged children, I don’t have a problem with others drinking around my children. In fact, my husband and I love that we can drink in the parks. He and I don’t get to go out together often, and Disney offers the best of both worlds- we get to be with our children having the time of ours lives, while enjoying a few drinks as we explore the parks. We stay on Disney property so we never drive, and you walk so much during a Disney trip that its difficult to get “buzzed or drunk” anyway. In fact, we are staying at Beach Club in November just so we can enjoy Epcot in the evening to snack and have drinks while enjoying the World Showcase. I can assure you our family has strong values and our children are just fine. We go to Disney World once a year for our annual family vacation. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars to be there- we should get to enjoy ourselves. And I personally never saw anyone else being rowdy or abusing the privilege of drinking in the parks. I’ve seen way worse behavior in Universal… just saying. When was the last time you visited Disney, Randyland? We never have any issues. I hope the Magic Kingdom serves soon as well! Have a great evening!

      1. Hi Disney Mama,

        You asked when i was at Disney last…

        I go about 30 or more times a year, so the answer is recently.

        I was a full time Cast Member too, so my knowledge is quite extensive.

        I have seen things first hand that formed my opinions.

        You seem like a good person, and well educated….

        Perhaps you do not see any issues because you yourself at enjoying the drinks.

        I do not stand in judgement of you or anyone else who thinks drinks…

        I simply do not see any need to do it in an Amusement Park.

        Yes, Six Flags and Sea World and the rest all have a big push for the alcoholic parties, however I do not class them on the same level as Disney.

        The wholesome family image of Disney is simply NOT synonymous with Alcoholic Dance Hangout Parties at Disney Parks.

        If it is going to ruin anyone’s visit to a Disney Park because they could not have a few Alcoholic Drinks, then the problem lay with the person who needs that drink.

        Would it be so bad to enjoy the entertainment with a Soda??

        The difference is the feeling you get from the Alcohol, because it is a DRUG.

        You seem to be able to handle your drinks, and I am sure many others can too…

        But there are many who cannot handle their drinks, or have a few too many.

        And YES there have been many bad situations where a drunk has been a real problem.

        There would be NO problems like this if there were NO Alcohol.

        So the issue simply becomes a matter of selling alcohol for the profits, and that is simply not a good enough reason to desecrate a place which held the highest of standards.

        The damage with alcohol in Disney Parks is already done, and I think irreversible.

        It will only expand, and the Disney that once was will never be again.

        Recently, it was suggested by an old Disney Supervisor of mine, that it was time to remove the name Disney from the door.

        He was being symbolic, and the implication was that it is just not the same place that it once was.

        This man grew up in Disneyland as his father worked there early on, and the family moved to Florida as they opened Disney World.

        He spent his life working there, and today sees it as a place that has changed so much, that it is no longer what he considers Disney.

        Many factors go into forming people’s opinions, and selling Alcohol is only one part, but it stands as testimonial to the way things are looked upon.

    2. Yeah the last 35 years of alcohol in Epcot really ruined the entire resort. It’s now a lawless wasteland filled with crime and violence…

      Oh grandpa, you are so funny when the Alzheimer’s kicks in. Now go take a nap.

      1. Why don’t you go back to 4chan where you belong with the other right wing creeps. Trump supporters such as yourself should be forbidden from posting on this site!

      2. Why don’t you go back to 4chan with the other right wing cretins. This site doesn’t need your snooty opinion. I’m sure you will have some flaccid response along the lines of “I’m not a right winger or republican”.

        1. I’m your boyfriend. And you and I both know there’s only one thing flaccid around here….

          1. It looks like you can add homophobia to your long list of undesirable qualities. Do you normally enjoy bullying members of the LGBTQ community?

      3. Have you been to the Futureworld wasteland lately? More then half of the imagination pavillion was stolen or destroyed by hooligans led by Eric Idle. DVD bonus material is played in its 3D theatre after exploiting a dead child molester’s film that was removed when the park still had standards. It is so bad that abandoned pavillions make the news just for roof repairs and vacant areas are turned into bars themed to meth labs with beakers for cups and warm sprite to drink just as an druggie would make it.

    3. I’m very glad that they’re catering to ALL guests, including responsible, mature adults who would like to order an alcoholic beverage at… *gasp* a bar.

      I really don’t know what you’re alluding to by constantly saying “what is next?”. I don’t know… more attractions to look forward to? They don’t allow smoking or vaping anywhere in the parks now, so they’ll never allow marijuana.

      “Lack of alcohol” has never been a “core value” unless you’re a puritan. Find a new park and a new website.

  2. I hope this trend continues so people can see the Fantasyland dragon fly by. I was always angry watching the pirates drink and party but not being allowed to join in. Every women and child will be given a plate of food or a broom upon enterning Disneyland so that there will be no issues from drinking. I hope they make some of those empty jail cells into a rum bar for the line. Not getting a stiff tiki drink in a freaking tiki tiki tiki room is torture and lazy theming. Now everyone can get magical

    How long until Disney starts selling Alice in Wonderland edibles in Fantasyland?

  3. Not serving alcohol was one of only a few big mistakes made by Walt Disney during his amazing life (smoking himself to death & ridiculously accusing people of communism being the other 2).
    I’m glad that error is finally being remedied.
    The hardcore teetotalers can find somewhere else to go.

    1. I see that you have a certain disdain for cigarette smokers. No doubt you have no issue with marijuana smoking. The usual snarky response from a hypocritical Trump supporter. Why don’t right wing creeps like you just go away?

    2. They certainly won’t go quietly, but the good news is Disney doesn’t listen to weirdo shut-ins who think booze is the devil!

  4. Well, here is a quote, from Walt Disney himself, made to journalist Pete Martin for the Saturday Evening Post in the summer of 1956, when asked about how Disneyland was so different from other amusement parks:

    “No liquor, no beer, nothing. Because that brings in a rowdy element. That brings people that we don’t want and I feel they don’t need it. I feel when I go down to the park I don’t need a drink. I work around that place all day and I don’t have one. After I come out of a heavy day at the studio sometimes I want a drink to relax.”

    I trust this now settles the debate.

    1. And he was proven wrong by Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and California Adventure.
      So yeah, the debate on whether or not Walt was correct is settled. Sorry it didn’t go your way. :(

      1. He was proven RIGHT by Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and California Adventure.

        You can call a Pig a Horse all you want, but is is still a Pig.

        1. It’s so bad that you go “30 times or more a year”?
          Something isn’t adding up gramps, and I’m thinking it’s your ability to lie well. That and write a coherent sentence.
          Do us all a favor and stay home. No one needs a cranky, incontinent liar clogging up the parks.

          1. Yes Sulley, I go 30 times a year or more…

            I guess you cannot understand that someone can love a place so much, that he wants to be there….

            And that same person can see how the place he loves is being chipped away at and destroyed….

            It makes perfect sense that the most loyal would stand to defend when he sees the harm being done.

            You clearly do not care; I do.

  5. On one hand Walt wanted to keep alcohol out Disneyland on the other MONEY. We know what Chapek prefers. I guess after waiting 4 hours to get into star wars land then another 4 to get in the bar and then $20 drinks it will be hard to get a buzz so that should keep the intoxication to a minimum. I’ll try must best though.

  6. I feel like Disney is now so entrenched in our culture, and their staff and security are so great, that along with the sheer ticket prices nowadays, the rowdy crowd is automatically pushed out.

    However, for a nostalgia point of view, I liked that Disneyland didn’t serve alcohol. It was something peculiar that kept it a little more “other worldly”.

    Honestly, I just don’t think Galaxy’s Edge belongs in Disneyland. California Adventure sure, but the concept of an immersive land based on a film franchise just seems off compared to the other lands that were created solely for the park, containing some single attractions for IPs. It almost seems to big on it’s own to fit in, where everything else is just big enough to blend together.

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