Reese’s and Butterfinger Donut Makes Its Delicious Limited Time Return to Disneyland Park

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Disneyland has had multiple variations of this donut for its large and ever-growing collection of Gourmet Donuts, but this peanut buttery smorgasbord has finally returned.

Reese’s and Butterfinger Gourmet Donut – $5.75

Available at least the next week (according to the Cast Member), as they change out donut flavors every Friday. The Reese’s and Butterfinger Gourmet Donut sells for $5.75, and is available at the Main Street Coffee Cart adjacent to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

So how does it taste? Well as you can imagine, this donut is quite rich but everything works excellently together. Reese’s and Butterfinger are definitely not a completely new or original combination, but certainly unique to a donut. The peanut butter texture with the crumble crunch, all on a soft donut, is quite delicious. As someone who is not the biggest chocolate fan, I still found the donut to be very enjoyable.

So if you’re headed to the Disneyland Resort within the next week, and you’re trying to decide on the right Disneyland treat, head on over to the Main Street Coffee Cart before it’s gone. You’ll be happy you did.

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$5.75 for a Donut? I guess there are enough people buying them, but it won’t be me. I have too much respect for myself then to pay a ridiculous price for a Donut.