Disney Has Developed a Technology to Randomly Generate Content Based on User Actions

A recent patent filed by Disney seems to point towards a technology that randomly generates content for users. Long has there been visual narratives that are affected by user decision making, but these narratives are predefined and scripted.

The patent specifically talks about how AI in the narrative may “walk behind a building”, but nothing happens because that space has no place in the narrative. This technology would allow for a relevant narrative to develop as AI triggers said narrative content.

Procedural content has been around for a while, but as the patent says “computer-generated paths may often lead to uninteresting locations from a story perspective”. What Disney intends to solve with this technology is to generate content that is random and interesting for viewers.

One or more implementations of system 100 presented herein propose solutions for the above problems. The system 100 may implement a machine learning based technique for path generation that considers, among other information, the appeal of environments within a virtual space, and may generates a unique path through the virtual space to present the narrative experience to the user. In some implementations, the path may be based on tagged points of interest, as illustrated in stored narrative information associated with the virtual space.

This technology could be useful for a multitude of attractions coming soon to Disney Parks. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway could offer a different experience for every rider with this technology, as the characters projected in the ride could have a different narrative every time. Also, the Millenium Falcon ride at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge could offer randomized experiences and challenges for each set of riders. The application for this technology is seemingly endless at Disney Parks, as this technology simply requires a screen.

As always, this is purely speculation and not every patent is put into use by The Walt Disney Company.


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