Disney Publishes Patent for Door Soundproofing Technology, Allowing for More Immersive Attractions

Disney has plenty of attractions that utilize doors to separate rooms or to seal guests into ride vehicles. The one issue with these doors is that they tend to leak sound, which in a themed environment can ruin the illusion and spoil events for guests.

That’s why this patent published last week is so intriguing. It features a technology that puts a soundproofing material around the seal of doors to prevent sound leaks.

Traditionally, to prevent sound leaks, layers of soundproofing material was applied to doors. These doors, in turn, had to make contact with all four quadrants of the door frame to prevent sounds leaks.

This new technology allows for there to be small gaps in the door and door frame that air can flow through, while still eliminating sounds. Channels of soundproofing material are exposed around the door frame that acts as a sort of “sound vacuum”.

While not the most glamorous technology, it could have positive benefits for the theme parks. If a door doesn’t close all the way or is not flush to the frame, it will not ruin the show or attraction for guests.

As always, a patent publication does not mean the technology will ever be used.

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