Permit Filed for New Tower Hotel, Major Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Renovation

Still not satisfied with being a veritable afterthought by singularly focused Walt Disney World guests, another Hotel Plaza Boulevard Resort is pursuing a noteworthy renovation.

Most recently, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US Inc. has filed a permit application with the South Florida Water Management District concerning a new “Black Lake Hotel” project. Encompassing the site of the current Hotel Plaza Boulevard Best Western, immediately adjacent to Black Lake, Orange County documents indicate the permits are being prepared for the Drury Development Corporation, the new owner of the 325-room hotel.

Missouri based Drury Hotels has a growing presence in Florida, Orlando, and the Walt Disney World area specifically. This acquisition puts this highly ranking guest-satisfaction hotel chain on the threshold of the world’s foremost entertainment and guest relations industry. The Best Western was a quality property, and quite a value given the location, though the Drury/Disney union, and associated renovation project, ought to bear worthwhile fruit.

The application proposes the construction of a brand new hotel tower and pool area with additional, limited, meeting space. Titled the “Drury Plaza Hotel” in the documents, the property is slated to house multiple towers as the project details the renovation, rather than outright removal, of the existing 18-story building.

The new tower will be built adjacent to the existing structure on the north side, offering a primarily inward-looking view of the Walt Disney World Resort. Phase 1 involves the construction of the new tower and pool deck. Renovation of existing rooms, amenities, and meeting facilities, Phase 2, to follow.

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