PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Parc at Disneyland Paris 8/26/18 (Discoveryland, Adventure Isle, Adventureland, etc.)

Bonjour! Welcome to another photo report from Disneyland Paris! This time we are visiting Disneyland Park, so let’s get to it!


Try to head to your right when you enter the park, the lines are much shorter.

The rare spraypainted plant. It’s native to Paris, France.

The queue theming at the Indiana Jones coaster is super nice… even if the coaster is pretty rough.

I guess this gate doesn’t exist anymore.

Just some Adventure Isle love to share with you.

It’s Toad Hall! This is just a quick-service restaurant though… no ride.

Some daytime work being done in Fantasyland… Disneyland Paris seems to do a lot of maintenance during the day.

The architecture of Videopolis is incredible. It’s a massive building.

Space Mountain is now Hyperspace Mountain… it’s not a great overlay.

The Nautilus! This isn’t a ride, but rather a walkthrough attraction that’s pretty neat.

Discoveryland Theatre is currently closed while it’s getting ready to host Mickey’s Philharmagic.

Will Pizza Planet every re-open? Probably not.

The views from the top of Alice’s Curious Labyrinth are spectacular.

R.I.P. to the slide at Alice’s Curious Labyrinth (1992-1992). Apparently some guests think its a trash chute.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (feat. the Molly Brown).

Phantom Manor is currently under refurbishment. It is scheduled to re-open in January 2019.

Some Coco theming on Fuente del Oro Restaurante.

The always spectacular Sleeping Beauty Castle.

There’s a dragon under the castle!

Views from the top(ish) of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

All of the 25th Anniversary merchandise is 50% off… basically, the Emporium is partly an outlet store right now.

That’s it! Thanks for taking a quick trip through Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris.