PHOTOS: Disney’s Riviera Resort Construction Update

It’s been a while since we’ve checked out Disney’s Riviera Resort construction. This resort is being constructed right near the current entrance to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. The Disney Vacation Club will call this resort home once completed sometime in the 2019 year. We stopped by to check out construction late last week.

She’s coming along nicely.

You can start seeing some of the roofing architecture taking shape.

Including some high points near the fire escapes, presumably for roof access.

The west side of the tower is pretty far along with roof accents.

Another portion of the west side.

There’s a themed retaining wall that’s nearly done on the waterfront.

From across the lagoon you have a better idea of how centered the building is, especially facing Caribbean Beach.

You can also see more of the retaining wall from here.

Similar to how the Coronado Springs tower will look, the lobby in Riviera will be multiple stories tall with gigantic pillars supporting the rooms above. They’re taking notes from Bay Lake Tower it seems.

In our Disney Skyliner update post you can see photos of the new Skyliner station near Riviera on the west side including a test building that will give you an idea of how the completed roof should look on the building.