BREAKING: Transferring of FastPass+ Completely Stripped Away From Walt Disney World Park Guests

Back in April there was an update released to the MyDisneyExperience app that disabled the transferring of FastPass+ entitlements between family and friends on your account. This was extremely dissatisfying for guests for multiple reasons, the biggest being a constant change of plans and unable to move FastPass+ reservations around. Today the actual website updated to also remove this function. With this removal, park guests can no longer move FastPass+ reservations between friends and family members: you can only add more people, or cancel entirely.

You can see below the ‘Update Party’ function is gone from the actual website, leaving just ‘Add Guests’ in place.

Disney has implemented this as a way to prevent fraud from happening with the FastPass+ system. Cast Members are holding FastPass+ inventory on their unused tickets and transferring these FastPass+ to themselves after utilizing the standard ‘3 per day’. There’s even bigger issues with unauthorized ‘tour guides’, that aren’t Disney cast members, giving tours of the park and trying to undercut park rules with numerous unused tickets and the transferring of FastPass+. A few ruin it for the masses.

Anyway, there is hope. If you need to move a FastPass+ to someone else, don’t be afraid to speak with Guest Relations at the park, they still have the ability to transfer FastPass+. But why wait in line when you can simply call a team dedicated to MyDisneyExperience? The number to reach this specialized team is (407) 939-7765. Don’t be afraid to give them a ring!

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      1. Wow. Please go someplace else. This is about Disney, not about your going around trying to attack people based on your misconception of whatever it is you are victimized about.

    1. No, I don’t think so. It would be too time consuming to have every member of a party fish out their ID to prove who they were. Particularly with kids, who don’t even have ID. If a person is in the park, has a FP for a ride, and chooses to give up their ride to a family member, it is their business, and magic band sharing can’t really be “abused”, as the magic band has to be scanned at the front gate anway. Frankly, they probably would have KEPT the sharing had people not abused it so badly.

    2. They have, and they are doing it more often recently. If they find out that you have given your band to someone else for use at an attraction, they can remove both of you from the park, without a refund. It can, and does, happen. Regardless of what people say, it is not “their business” if a person gives their pass to a member of their family who has already used their passes. Everyone gets 3. Period. Giving your pass to someone else who has already used their passes, or is using them for something else, takes that spot from someone else who wants it, and should rightfully have it. One person choosing not to use their passes does not give someone else the right to have more than their fair share. It does make a difference, and it is cheating and unfair.

      1. “One person choosing not to use their passes does not give someone else the right to have more than their fair share. It does make a difference, and it is cheating and unfair”

        Like you said, Everyone gets three so that person that made 3 passes has reserved that spot already. That spot is not taken from someone else unfairly. Maybe little Billy gets sick just before the ride and rather than that spot be wasted, Little Billy’s sister gets an extra ride. Nobody’s spot was taken from them unfairly. I guess those empty seats when they don’t fill the entire ride to capacity is stealing from someone as well.

  1. Is tranferring the same as “re-assigning”. Probably a dumb question. So if we have 2 people in our party who have a FP for Flight of Passage a couple hours after our and they don’t want to ride the FP is gone? Can’t re-assign it to someone else?

  2. I’m confused (only because I’ve never done anything else other than book FPs 90 days out and stick with the plan)…. AFTER you book your FPs for say 4 people (all same day and time), are you able to add another guest to your FP reservations? Meaning that 5th person now has the same exact day/time FP?

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