Doom Buggy Projection Toy - $14.99

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Haunted Mansion Talking Doombuggy Toy and Even More New Ghostly Goods Released at Disney Parks

Even more Haunted Mansion merchandise is available. We showed you a plethora of new merchandise recently, and now there’s even more amazing items added including – Doom Buggy toy with Paul Frees narration clips from the final moments of the attraction.

The piece retails for $14.99. Here it is in action:

Additional new items include a 1000 piece puzzle ($21.99) and a Hitchhiking Ghost picture holder ($16.99), all found at Disney’s Days of Christmas at Disney Springs.

1000 Piece Puzzle – $21.99
Clip Photo Frame – $16.99
Appetizer Tray – $14.99
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