REVIEW: Haunted Mansion Halloween Pastries are Frightfully Bad at Mickey’s Not Scary Halloween Party 2018

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party kicked-off this past weekend at Magic Kingdom. Yes, we know it’s August, but that didn’t stop Disney (and us) from celebrating the spookiest time of year. We went to the first party and checked out a bunch of new goodies. First we checked out some cinnamon-based treats at Golden Oak Outpost (you can read that review here). Pecos Bill was next with some spicy nachos and a dessert that’s to die for, full review here. Sleepy Hollow changed-up their pumpkin spice waffle to include more The Nightmare Before Christmas theme, we had a religious experience with the waffle here. Rounding out the west side of the park brings us two Haunted Mansion treats: a Doom Buggy Cream Puff at Aloha Isle and a Leota Tart from Liberty Square Market.

Madame Leota Tart – $5.99

Well that’s nothing like what the Disney pictures showed. Hell, the top dome isn’t even on that one, I assume because it may have come out like ours.

Well, it could be worse.

Thats not gelatin, that’s pure sugar.


This interesting dessert is located at the Liberty Square Market. The menu described the tart filling as toasted marshmallow, but we couldn’t pick-up on any of that flavor, instead it was a rather off-putting chemical aftertaste. Confectionery balls and a chocolate Leota piece finish the look with a semi-sphere of clear sugar. Literally a gigantic piece of sugar that’s hard as a rock. Don’t try to bite it because then you’ll hurt your teeth and not be able to fully enjoy more waffle sundaes. The Leota piece is hiding a hole in the middle of the tart, meaning when you bite into the side expecting it to hold shape it doesn’t and falls apart.


Doom Buggy Cream Puff – $5.99

Again, it looks nothing like the official picture.

Instead we have a Doom Buggy that was in an I-4 fender bender. I guess that’s why these guys needed to hitchhike…

This purple monstrosity is available for purchase at Aloha Isle. Yup, you can wash it down with a nice Dole Whip float. Anyway, the menu describes the puff filling as a cookies and cream. We tasted nothing. It was like eating paper and cream. There’s a problem here with $6 for a realllllly small portion. I mean…

That’s a gift card, the size of a credit card, alongside the puff. It’s small and probably not worth the money for taste, but if you get one without a warped handlebar it might be worth the Instagram post.

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  • Can DDP snack credits be used for party specialty treats? Would really like to try the Zero Waffles!

  • The food quality has dropped off drastically under the leadership of Bob Iger.

    I remember going to MGM Studios two weeks after it opened under Eisner.
    We ate at the 50s Prime Time Cafe’ and they had a dessert (Ice cream in a chocolate car)

    When speaking with the CMs at 50s they informed us that Michael Eisner had been in the restaurant to taste the food just a few weeks ago before opening. He took a taste of the chocolate from that lot of Chocolate Cars and said, “I don’t like the texture. Send it all back.”

    Eisner was a stickler for quality. The parks were immaculate. The food was delicious and the customer service was exemplary. All three of those areas have fallen exponentially under the leadership of Bob Iger.

    Stop worrying about growing Walt Disney World. Worry about QUALITY over quantity.

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