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REVIEW: New Mermaid Donut is Now Part of Your World at the Magic Kingdom

It’s been a few since since the reveal of this nautical treat from ABC News. I’ve been wondering “when’s it my turn” to try this donut and today it’s finally a reality. Disneyland has been keeping their donut game fresh with recent Dole Whip donuts and a multitude of awesomeness from the Disneyland Hotel, but Walt Disney World has been quiet on this trend. We hope this is the first step towards a larger donut presence in the parks.

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Kept nice and away from the Florida heat and weather, but still visible.


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Mermaid Donut – $4.99

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Located at Prince Eric’s Village Market stand, right outside the entrance to Under The Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, this donut makes a fun splash. Take note that many other websites are saying it’s located at Ariel’s Grotto, which isn’t accurate. That’s a meet and greet location, not a snack spot. Anyway, it’s actually a pretty good donut!

That’s a fresh, soft, fluffy donut below a layer of icing dotted with purple sprinkles and a few white chocolate shells. The mermaid tail is also white chocolate, making this sweet, perhaps a little too sweet at times. Maybe break the white chocolate up a little and sprinkle it over the donut before consumption (and after pictures, of course).

It’s a pretty donut that tastes rather good and is pretty unique in the realm of Magic Kingdom snacks. Bottom line: it’s worth a try.

  1. My observation here is seeing in Picture number two, there are TWO Cast Members standing there with SAD and UNHAPPY faces….

    Young people who DREAM of the WONDERS in store for them being a part of the Disney Magic, with a College Job working at Walt Disney World, who find themselves standing outside surrounded by beautiful areas, and peddling a Donut for $4.99 when they sell for .89 Cents anywhere else…

    Let’s create the MAGIC once again, and stop focusing on ways to get that over sized, four fingered white hand, into people’s pockets.

      1. $4.99 for a Donut might be “kinda standard” in Disney, but not in the real world. And what makes this donut so “special”?? Because the added THREE tiny candy candy pieces on it? 2 little candy sea shells and what is supposed to look like a mermaid tail? We all expect to pay a bit more for things in Amusement Parks, but buying a donut and a drink should not cost someone $10.-. There are those who will pay what ever the price is because they are a captive audience on vacation, but there is line between buying a snack and feeling you were ripped off. Anyone who thinks $4.99 for a donut is a reasonable price has to be insane. Wait until Dunkin Donuts, Crispy Cream, and WAWA find out they can charge $4.99 for a donut instead of .85 cents!! They gross revenue will increase almost 6 times just be changing their prices to match what is “kinda standard”!

    1. Grandpa, the home called. You aren’t supposed to be out without assistance. Please stop yelling at photos of young people and come sit down. We can watch Matlock.

      1. Sulley, you must be some kind of an idiot. Address the issue of the comment. I give intelligent analytical opinions based upon what is presented and shown in the pictures, and you want to spin the subject away from the facts. Try speaking with educated responses.

        1. Try getting a life. You’re railing against a theme park. Not to mention you can’t spell, randomly capitalize words and are borderline incoherent. Sad and incompetent old man.

          1. I am railing against the desecration of a theme park. When you take the most magical place in the world which holds so many cherished memories, and is loved by so many, and you turn it into a machine to squeeze those who so love it, someone should say something. Clearly you don’t care.

          2. I clearly don’t care about the opinion of a bitter old wacko who gets mad at people not smiling and cell phones opening doors. Take a step back and really think about how atroucious all of that anger really is. Then go for a walk and try to gain some perspective.

          3. Sulley,

            Any one can say he “does not care” who does not see anything wrong with it…

            But no one can say he “does not care” who DOES see something wrong…

            Because no one can logically say he “does not care” if wrong is voted up or voted down.

            I have the wisdom to see the big picture of things which it would seem you simply do not.

            You do not care that 2 cast members are standing there NOT smiling??

            Well I care about them, and it needs to be addressed.

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