REVIEW: Strawberry, Lemon, and Donut Churros Arrive at the Disneyland Resort

Since I got word of the Annual Passholder Churro Challenge coming to the Disneyland Resort, I decided it would be the perfect time to share with you a few of the new churro flavors that have popped up thanks to Pixar Fest.

First up is the ‘Lotso’ Strawberry Churro found in Tomorrowland. You can smell this churro all the way from Sleeping Beauty Castle! Covered with heaps of bright pink strawberry flavored sugar, it’s definitely meant to be shared. This was my least favorite of all the themed churros to be offered at the resort. It tasted almost medicinal because of its heavy artificial strawberry flavoring.

Strawberry Churro $5.25

Next in line is the ‘UP’ Lemon Churro that can be found in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. This churro is covered with lemon sugar and multicolored fruity cereal. The flavors are balanced and mild, making it a nice alternative to traditional churros.

Lemon Churro $5.25

Finally, I rounded out my day with this Bugs Land Churro. The smell of this churro stand is quite intoxicating. Donut icing is drizzled over a classic churro and its then dusted with cocoa cereal. This one is a great dessert option for those with a sweet tooth.

Bugs Land Churro $5.25

There are quite a few more flavors to be discovered around the Resort, including Cars Land Racer Churros and a Coco Churro in Adventureland. I definitely recommend trying them during your next visit.

For more information on the upcoming Annual Passholder Churro Challenge coming to PIXAR Fest, click here.