Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial Ending at the Magic Kingdom This Month

Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial at the Magic Kingdom will be coming to an end on September 29th, 2018.

The show debuted in 2006 in Adventureland just across from Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom.

This announcement is the latest entertainment budget cut to be announced as the fiscal year for Disney comes to an end.

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  1. If they need to do budget cuts then maybe stop spending money to build all these new hotels etc. its overcrowded enough as is. This will be sad to see go. It’s always so fun! Get rid of the dance party ones like move it shake it. They are overrated. This was unique.

    1. While I like this show and have for many years. The parks are busy, if you think not building more resorts is the answer you’re crazy. People are going to come and they need a place to stay. Disney isn’t going to give up on a place for people to stay to save a 25 min show. Why do you think all of the resorts at Disney springs offer the same perks as staying on property now? Disney is out of resort room and they are loosing money on that alone. As far as crowded, it’s going to continue to be busy not the other way around

      1. On the contrary. I saw it first hand being a DVC member. 10 years ago it wasn’t this crowded. The more DVC resorts that were built the more people were in the parks. I’ve had this discussion with other members and we have all seen a change with attendance and quality. In other words it’s getting too big. The magical elements that once were there are slowly being taken away. Not that there still isn’t plenty of wonderful things. I just think they need to focus still on the entertainment not how many more rides and lands they can build. 15 years ago you could just walk up to the castle and see Mickey and Minnie in a 15 min line. Now you need a fastpass. And the charm of just being able to walk up and see them was nice. Again the more hotels the more people. If there isn’t a place to stay people won’t come. It’s common sense.

      2. On the contrary. 10 years ago when we became DVC members we saw an increase in attendance creep up the more DVC rooms in inventory. 15 years ago you could see Mickey and Minnie in front of the castle with a short wait. Other members have noticed the same. It’s common sense that if there are no rooms you have less people because they won’t come they will instead have to book the next week or a time where there is inventory.

        1. The rooms are there and more resorts mean more rev for Disney. Why do you think they have partnered with all the resorts around DS? More space means more people .Disney is a multi billion dollar company worldwide. If they can make a buck as they are in business to make money they will. Just a little FYI Spring break attendance was an avg of 45k a day at MK. MK holds 110k people when full. Summer was the same way. It barely reached 50k people a day. Thats not even 50%. Parks have dropped in attendance the lat couple years with all the construction in the parks and DS. Once the 50th hits in a couple years. It will pick back up as all the construction will be done before then

    2. I agree…Disney is doing away with the charm & magic that brings us to Disney and is replacing it with more over hyped worn out movie themed “attractions “. Also, why pay all that money for a pass/ticket when all you’re going to see is construction..

      1. Yeah, I’m tired of everything being movie themed…hey, Jack sparrow was part of the original ride, right?

    3. They cut all the emcees for Move It Shake It, 1/2 of the Green Army Men, dancers from the night time show at Animal Kingdom, and some actors from the streets of Hollywood at Hollywood Studios as well. Many people that have been with the company for years, out of a job.

  2. Another terrible idea. This is/was a favorite of my son, Jack. The actor playing capt Jack is fantastic. This will be missed greatly

    1. I spent 7 1/2 years working in the Pirates League (Adventurelands answer to the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique) – watching Steven, I mean Capn Jack, captivate the crowd was a joy. I wonder how long it will be before they eliminate the Pirates League completely.

      1. I hope they don’t, Dianne, as it is so much better than BBB, and I’m a mother of four, three of which are girls! The atmosphere is so much more fun at pirates league and the make overs are more bang for your buck than at BBB. I can’t imagine them taking away that option, but who knows. We’ll be back on Nov to claim our pirate names, etc!

  3. I’m really worried hearing about another entertainment offering being canceled. Disney isn’t just about rides. It’s the extra magic like this show, Move It Shake It, Mulch Sweat and shears and other things that make Disney what it is. The decision to minimize the street entertainment is a terrible one and it makes me worried about their vision for the future.

    1. I totally agree. It seems every 3-4 years they cut entertainment only to bring it back to fill a void. When the Magic Kingdom did not have any new rides for years they added the welcome at the beginning of the day filled with characters on the train to say hello. As the years went by they started reducing the number of characters significantly. They will bring the entertainment back, but I agree this is part of Disney’s magic.

  4. Can anyone confirm that the last day of the show is September 29th? The Disney website seems to show that it will run through 10/6. We planned to go see it on September 30th with my son in pirate costume for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

  5. Does anyone have any knowledge where “Jack” is going to be performing anywhere else, if at all? My kids adored him! He was always so good to them and they’re devastated!

  6. Oh wth! I loved that “show”. How are they strap for cash when they keep raising prices. That’s lame.

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