PHOTOS: Walls Come Down, Door Revealed for “Captain’s Quarters” Club 33 Location in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom

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The Club 33 location at the Magic Kingdom (rumored to be called the Captain’s Quarters and have heavy inspiration from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea inside) has been under construction for some time now, and we recently showed you the nearly completed facade. On a recent visit, we noticed that all of the walls are down now and we can see the finished product of the exterior.

The former open-air canopy was closed in.

Members can open a gate which then leads to a nearby door to go inside.

Here we see the small patio which will offer exquisite fireworks views.

The only downside is this set of rather plain, out of place doors next to the Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Walt Disney World plans to open a Club 33 location in each of the four theme parks, though they are yet to confirm the location for Animal Kingdom as of yet. We shared a look inside Epcot’s Constellation Club a few weeks ago, but that has been our only glimpse inside thanks to the strict social media policy of the club. Memberships are currently being sold to invited guests only.

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  • Shocking that you shared a look inside the club when Disney asks for everybody not to. Either you obey the rules or you don’t. But I guess that’s why you don’t get invited to media events.

  • The concept that all Guests are NOT equal is resulting in the destruction of the Happiest Place on Earth.

    Money is the root to all evil, and we are seeing the results step by step.

      • Having a meeting place, or “Club 33”, for the schmoozing of “VIP’s” who happen to be visiting the Park, is NOT the same thing as creating an “Exclusive” High Priced PAID Membership “Club”, for the RICH so the Peasants cannot get in. When Guests start feeling like they are second class, they are no longer Guests. The creation of “exclusive areas”, and special privileges, is ever growing, and is the destruction of the Disney Magic.

    • You were aware that Club 33 has existed at Disneyland, mostly for VIP guests, for decades, yes?

      And that WDW has always had multiple tiers of dining and lodging for different guests (budget, moderate, high-end)?

    • 1 Timothy 6:10 “For THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. There is a big difference between the two. Money does not create evil, people do with their love of money. And Club 33 is not detracting from the experiences that guests receive at WDW. Please stop with the socialist entitlement attitude, it is neither attractive nor endearing.

    • Out of the way peasants, this area is for special Guests! The peasants have no bread to eat… so, let them eat cake!

  • Great theming…nothing like a set of plain colonial style doors from Home Depot! I already feel like I’m in a faraway place.

    Maybe they’re temporary?

  • I see nothing wrong with an exclusive club for those who can afford it. Every bit of higher income will help keep the prices down a little bit for the rest of us. We stay at moderate properties and visit the Deluxe Resorts just to see the sights. We spent a wonderful day at Animal Kingdom just wandering around the lodges, and then enjoyed a lovely dinner at Sanaa, all for the cost of dinner. No need for us to join the exclusive club and spend all of our retirement savings, but if others can afford it, please take full advantage.

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