PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/28/18 (Stitch’s Great Return, Tomorrowland Construction, Brer Rabbit Plush, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us back to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to see what’s new and exciting around the park.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom



Work continues on the removal of the UFO facade in Tomorrowland. The Tomorrowland skyline seems a bit one-sided now as there’s not much visually appealing on the right side.

There’s also some work happening between Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Rocketower Plaza.

Merchant of Venus is once again a Stitch shop. If only there was a Stitch attraction… well, according to Disney there still is at least, it’s just “seasonal”.

The Stitch Tomorrowland murals behind the registers are visible for the first time in years.

Some new Stitch socks.


The smoking area on the way to Storybook Circus is gone, but the smoking section near Space Mountain is back to replace it. The only other smoking section in the park is out by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


The Little Mermaid merchandise cart is already a thing of the past.

There’s a lot of new items at Prince Eric Village’s Market, and we’ve reviewed them all. Be sure to read about the Mermaid Donut, Witch’s Frozen Brew, and the Sweet Thai Chili Shrimp.

The crane is back to install the Cinderella Castle Dreamlights for this holiday season.

We’re now on month 7 (yeah, seven) of the exterior refurbishment of the Prince Charming Regal Carousel.

Half of the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square is being remodeled.

The Br’er Rabbit plush is finally back in stock at Splashdown Photos at the exit of Splash Mountain.