PHOTOS: Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Construction Update (Sebastian’s, Banana Cabana, ETC.)

We stopped by Caribbean Beach Resort last month to check on the construction happening around Old Port Royale. During that time we learned that Shutters was shuttered, Sebastian’s Bistro taking its place. There’s a new walkway open through the edge of Old Port Royale that gives us some great construction views. Follow along!


Follow the Refurbishment Road

There’s a walkway through the construction right now.

Quick directional signage, we assume people were getting pretty frustrated not being able to walk from Martinique to the food locations.

You can see some of the weathering detail being applied, it’ll blend-in and look great once completed.

This will be outdoor seating for the new quick service location. Overhead lighting is already installed.

Looks colorful and fun, just like Caribbean Beach.

There’s still roof work yet to be done on a large portion of the building, however.


Standby for Docking Procedures

The boat dock has been entirely refurbished and built from the ground up. We anticipate recreational usage will be more popular when Old Port Royale reopens.

Looks great!


The Refurbishment World, It’s a Mess

Sebastian’s Bistro is nearing completion. This new walkway takes guests in front of the entrance to the restaurant, windows are currently blacked-out so you can’t see in.

There’s just shrubs in front though, so we can see through and above because they’re so short.

Tada! Banana Cabana is VERY close to being completed.

It’s going to look great!

Bar stools already are in place.

The lights are hung and were on as well.

We really love this lighting fixture above the middle table.


Let There Be OPR!

The refurbishment walls around the outside of Old Port Royale are coming down.

Tarps have been removed and we can see the end in sight with foliage being installed right now. It shouldn’t be much longer before we’re back on the beach.

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2 years ago

Any idea of an actual opening date? We have reservations there October 20-24.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rick

Rumor has it that it should be reopening by October 1st for the 30th anniversary.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rick

I heard they’re trying to get it done by October 1st, which is the resort’s 30th anniversary.

2 years ago

Huge improvement for Banana Cabana.
Caribbean Beach will finally have a proper place to drink.