PHOTOS: HP Lounge Building Being Stripped Down for New Space Restaurant Construction at Epcot

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The Space Restaurant at Epcot is chugging along with construction. We showed you land cleared a few weeks ago revealing the (unused) HP Lounge building to the side of the Mission: SPACE pavilion. It appears that the structure may not remain in-tact, at least fully. A large portion of the building has been taken down to its frame and the entire back of it is open to the world now.

Land has been evened-out behind the fences.

The taller back of the side building has been stripped down to it’s core.

The attention to keep the metal structure should indicate this building will stay in some form.

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Luke Henderson
Luke Henderson

I say it each time I see an article on the restaurant, but it needs to be called Mission: Plate any other name would be wrong