PHOTOS: Land Cleared For Epcot’s Future World Space Restaurant Revealing Unfinished HP Lounge

We first saw construction walls placed around the future location of Epcot’s Space Restaurant a few weeks ago. Within the last few days the entire area has been cleared of trees, shrubs, and more, fully clearing the land for construction to begin.

We can now plainly see the old HP Lounge building. Well, what was supposed to be the HP Lounge in Mission: SPACE. They ended up not using this side building and only the upstairs one that looks down at the queue and exit of the attraction. This was purely used as storage since the attraction’s opening. There’s a long hallway that would connect the two, including an elevator in this side building that you can see through the glass now.

Stay tuned as we bring you updates when the new building goes vertical!

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  1. Once upon a time there were theme parks filled with Attractions, and there were restaurants and shops to provide services to the Guests who came to see all the Attractions…. Now, there are less Attractions, and far more restaurants and stops…. Maybe the idea has become that the Attractions are just sometime to do between eating and shopping, because Guests are in the Parks primarily to go to restaurants?? Future World in Epcot has been sorely lacking Attractions for decades, as many Attractions have simply been closed… Seems odd that people would be excited about the construction of a new Restaurant where an Attraction should be.

    1. This restaurant IS an attraction- all kinds of new tech to let you eat IN SPACE!

      1. Themed dining can be an “attraction”, however, in the sense of what I was describing, it is NOT an “Attraction” for Park Guests who come to the park to see Attractions. Being forced to eat at some over priced restaurant to gain the “experience” of seeing the “Attraction” is NOT what Guests paid the price of admission for. If there was NO price of Admission like Disney Springs, then it becomes more acceptable. The point is that Guests come to the Parks to see the Attractions and Attractions are taking a back seat to the development of anything else that can create additional revenue beyond the price of admission.

        1. I’ve just now realized the error of my ways. From this point forward, we’re lowering all prices, and building 15 new rides per park. Thank you for pointing this out.

    2. Don’t forget that there are two new attractions currently being built in Epcot . I think people are excited to see a highly immersive, non-IP based restaurant coming to Epcot. Also, Future World is currently lacking in dining options. Much as DHS has been seeing lots of change, based on the 2017 D23 presentation we know that Disney is working on major changes for Epcot. It is highly likely that we will see lots of new attractions coming to Epcot over the next 5+ years.

      1. After they finally build the Attractions to create Guest satisfaction, THEN consider adding Restaurants to service the needs for the Guests who may be there… The Focus on what is important is far from where it should be.

  2. It’s funny, so many people bitch and moan that Epcot (Future World) isn’t staying true to the original concept. Now, they are actually putting in a restaurant that truly relates to the original concept and some of the original attractions and ideas, and yep, you guessed it, people are still bitching and moaning.

    1. NOTHING about Epcot has anything to do with “staying true to the original concept”….

      If your idea of going to Epcot is to Eat in a Restaurant, then let’s close ALL Attractions, and turn them into Restaurants!

      The point of going to a Theme Park for MOST Guests is to see and experience the Attractions…

      The overall decor of the Park and the experience of being there is second, and somewhere way down the list is going to eat in a themed Restaurant.

      Telling the truth as it is is NOT “bitching”….

      Trying to whitewash wrong planning is a disservice to those who care.

      1. Randy is right in every point he has made here. What is the point of charging customers admission to Epcot if we aren’t being provided attractions and entertainment for the price of that admission charge? A themed restaurant doesn’t count unless we aren’t paying for the food, which we all know isn’t happening.

        1. attraction

          noun | at·trac·tion | \ ə-ˈtrak-shən \

          something that attracts or is intended to attract people by appealing to their desires and tastes

          I don’t disagree with either of you, but park goers are still shelling out huge amounts of money to go to Disney, even though fewer rides (not attractions, rides) are being built. This would tell me that either they are sheeple, or more restaurants appeal to their desires and tastes.

          I think that is also safe to assume considering the food and wine festival, as well as so many other events centering around food are expanding. Heck, if you just look at this site (and I’m not complaining, this is still my favorite site for all things Disney), the majority of the articles are based on eating and shopping. It just seems to be the nature of the beast. Personally, I blame the milennials. :P

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