PHOTOS: Move Over Pressed Pennies, Walt Disney World Souvenir Medallions Available at Disney Springs

A brand new medallion souvenir machine was recently added to the Art of Disney store at Disney Springs. We’ve seen these medallion machines at other theme parks and entertainment venues across the country, but not at a Disney location before.


$5 each or three for $10 makes it obvious to get the 3 for $10 deal, but that leaves one of the four medallions out. We wish there was a deal for all four, but we’re content without the Frozen one. I’m joking, we got all 4. Do note that the credit card use automatically renders the 3 for $10 transaction.

As you can see there’s a Frozen design, a 2018 design, a Partners Statue design, and a Fab Five design.

These are premade and loaded into the machine for distribution. The back of each is stamped with the Disney Springs logo design which is excellent. $10 for a few cool coins seems like a really good option for those looking for a souvenir that’s pretty unique and themed.