PHOTOS: Riviera Resort Main Entrance Takes Shape at Walt Disney World

The Riviera Resort construction is picking-up pace recently. We brought you an update back in August about the resort starting to enclose the interior, but today we have view from the front of the resort to show you. And the back, because we found a new vantage point due to Caribbean Beach construction wrapping-up. Take a look!

There’s a Land ‘Cross This Ocean

There’s no doubt it’s going to be pretty across the lake.

We got these images from in front of Sebastian’s Bistro at Caribbean Beach. A new pathway through the construction walls opened giving us some great views of this new waterfront property.

It’s coming along nicely.

Welcome Home!

From the front of the resort we were able to secure some pictures showing the full scope of the building.

Oh, what’s that?

The main entrance pavilion has been constructed and it’s VERY tall. A few stories, and built up on a huge pile of dirt. The approach to the resort will certainly be wonderful.

That’s a big pile of steel.

Odds & Ends

Other random tidbits include the AC units being installed not on the roof, but to the side of the building. We anticipate this is due to the rooftop restaurant we were promised.

More framing for decorative features.

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