REVIEW: New Candied Bacon and Chicken Skewers at Liberty Square Market in Magic Kingdom

Taking a note from Disneyland’s famous quick service Bengal Barbecue, the Liberty Square Market has started selling meat on sticks. We love bacon, candy, and meat on sticks, so we wandered over to Liberty Square to exercise our freedoms.

Candied Bacon Skewer – $7.99

This is more of a piece of pork belly than bacon, but that’s perfectly fine because it’s one of the best things we’ve had in years at Magic Kingdom. The bacon is cooked to the point of being fork tender and candy coated to give enough flavor and stickiness without overpowering the meat below. Speaking of meat, it’s a smoked bacon that’s very prevalent and will stay with you for a while. We were worried that the portion wouldn’t match the price on this one but it’s just smaller than an average fork size. Recommended. Absolutely recommended. Pick up two.

Chicken Skewer – $6.99

This one is marinated with a spicy sweet sauce! There’s a slight kick on the back tongue after each bite. As far as chicken goes there’s about seven (YEAH, SEVEN) hunks of tender white meat on the skewer that are easy to slide off. It’s very similar to the aforementioned Disneyland Bengal Barbecue, but not dripping in sauce. This sauce is baked on from cooking and it’s mighty tasty. Run, don’t walk, to get these skewers. They should absolutely not be missed under any circumstances.

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