REVIEW: Cosmic Ray’s Secret Menu Loaded Fries are Out of This World at Magic Kingdom

There’s a brand new “secret menu” item at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. We say secret pretty loudly because it’s not a secret, it’s just only available on Mobile Order… or if you ask the cashier nicely. This ain’t no Muenster Smash Burger, it’s the galaxy’s best loaded fries. Behold: The Galaxy Loaded Fries.

Galaxy Loaded Fries – $5.99

These fries are loaded with toppings including bacon, pico relish, garlic ranch sauce, cheese sauce, and flaming hot cheese dust. It looks like they had leftover from the August hot dog of the month at Casey’s Corner. There’s a brand new dog for September, we’ll cover that in a different post. Right now we’re in space about these loaded fries. What would typically be a normal side of fries is put over the moon by the heaping pile of toppings. These are truly loaded with toppings, by the time you get to the bottom fries there’s still cheese and pico pushing through. There’s a slight crunch from the flaming hot cheese dust and a great, fresh bite to the pico that enhances the relatively boring fries. These look alien and taste stellar. We felt that they could have used some of the sriracha aioli in addition to the current toppings, but it’s still really good without. These are worth blasting off to Magic Kingdom for.

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