REVIEW: Muenster Smash Burger is Scary Good at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2018

Wrapping snack coverage up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2018 we have the Muenster Smash Burger at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

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Muenster Smash Burger – $13.99

I was working at Cosmic Ray’s late one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight. For my burger from his grill began to rise and suddenly to my surprise… made itself into this monsterous creation. Muenster-ous, rather. As the title would suggest it’s literally a smash burger: a burger patty smashed onto a grill and flattened by a spatula. Topped with Muenster cheese, tater tots, and the spicy sriracha aioli that Cosmic Ray’s is trying to push since they removed the cheese sauce. Expecting this to bomb like the Transylvania Twist, we weren’t anticipating a brand new hit. A jolt to the electrodes from the crunchy tater tots matches well with the bacon and Muenster cheese, even the sriracha aioli doesn’t deter the burger. It’s a really awesome and tasty burger that’s sure to be the hit of the land.

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