PHOTOS: Monsters Inc. Facade Coming Down, A Number of Construction Projects in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom

We stopped by Magic Kingdom this week right after the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo ended and noticed that Tomorrowland has quite a few walls up throughout the land.

The Incredible Disappearing Act

Like we said, the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo ended so all of the decorations have been removed. They went down rather quick.

This was the view as of last week.

There’s damage to the Tomorrowland sign where the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo signage was installed. We hope it’s not permanent, but who knows what the ultimate plans are.

The popcorn cart was selling shaved ice during the summer, themed to Frozone. There were vinyl stickers overlaid onto the right cart, they’ve since been removed peeling the paint off portions of the cart.

The canopy installed above the Rockettower Stage area is being removed with the top tarps already taken down. A dance party in the middle of the day during the summer was a great idea.

Cool Ship wasn’t open today, but the Violet and Dash specialty dry ice drinks are still on the physical menu and online too.

The dry ice machines are still there waiting to be used. While the drinks were fun, we felt they were overpriced. We would love to see the land create new beverages to use the dry ice machines with!

Refurbishment Convention

The UFO facade in front of Monsters Inc, Laugh Floor has been gutted. Hopefully this great piece isn’t being removed, but the main avenue of Tomorrowland does get a bit tight over here. Crowd levels are much higher than they were in 1994.

We’re hoping it’s not being removed, but rather refurbished.

Regardless it’s cool to see the interior.

Walls of Tomorrow

There’s a gigantic portion of pathway walled-off in front of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. We’re unsure what’s going on, either pavement work or something larger.

With the toy cart no longer there there’s plenty of space to reinstall the planter to bring the symmetry back to Tomorrowland. Please?

Another wall up around the gigantic Kugel Ball outside of Merchant of Venus. This has been behind walls for a few weeks now, we hope it returns and isn’t removed. It’s a unique piece of Tomorrowland we would hate to lose.

Odds & Ends

Joffrey’s received their fall beverages in Tomorrowland including a Caramel Apple Butter Chai Latte. Sounds great!…. but it’s too hot right now for that, we’ll come back and try it once the weather cools down.

Space Mountain was at a 20 minute wait around 4pm. Not really groundbreaking but still fun to notice.

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2 years ago

From a nostalgia point of view, I like the UFO thing and the metallic theming. At the same time, it is rather clunky and I would love to see a sleeker take on Tomorrowland. Hopefully it won’t start looking like a corporate office park though.

Michael Chadwick
Michael Chadwick
2 years ago

I wish they would utilize more of the Tomorrowland movie ideas in the actual Tomorrowland area. That was a beautiful movie with a wonderful message, and doing things like the fiberoptic blue light trees and Calatrava-type architecture would be amazing.

2 years ago

Personally, I would like to see a more retro/space age take on Tomorrowland. But it is Tomorrowland, so Calatrava architecture would be very fitting for the land. Really hope TRON is just the start of a Tomorrowland facelift.